Looking back at BMW’s racing history you’ll find an iconic model that is still revered by fans around the world to this day. The car in question is the E21 320i, a car that used to race back when the 3.0 CSL was going away and making room for other newcomers. BMW Classic is still touring them around the world and fans clamor at the chance to see one first hand. The video below shows a modified model owned by a very big fan of the brand.

The footage was recorded at the 2019 Lodersdorf Hillclimb, an event that gathers an impressive crowd every year and shows a modified E21 320i that is just magnificent. The car received a well-rounded aerodynamic kit and a modified engine. Speaking of which, under the hood hides an S14 engine from a BMW E30 M3 which has been seriously upgraded. It has a stroked block, raising the displacement to 2.5 liters and is apparently now pushing some 400 HP to the rear wheels thanks to the ‘miracle’ of turbocharging.

That may not seem like a lot by today’s standards, but when you take into account the weight of the thing, around 1,800 lbs, you realize just what kind of monster we’re talking about here. The aero plays a huge part in making sure it doesn’t just skid in a ravine and the crowd seems glad to see it at work. To be honest, the aero also helps out with the looks, turning it into a proper monster, despite its funny face.

Right now, the 320i in question has been retired but it is now taking part in such events as a safety car. Nevertheless, looking at the speed posted, it could probably hold its own against some very modern competition. Having a dog-leg gearbox, you’ll probably need to be quite a skilled driver to make sure you keep things in check but it’s all good in this instance.