Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class leaks ahead of official debut

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There’s quite a bit of hubbub about the BMW X7 at the moment, as it’s the first uber-large SUV in the brand’s history. However, it’s …

There’s quite a bit of hubbub about the BMW X7 at the moment, as it’s the first uber-large SUV in the brand’s history. However, it’s a newcomer to an already established class of cars and, while impressive, will have some very difficult competition. Especially in the form of the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class, which has just been leaked ahead of its official debut.

While this is all-new, the GLS-Class has been around for awhile (previously known as the GL-Class). In fact, along with the Range Rover, the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class has been the main player in the segment. So now that the X7 is here, it’s set to take on the newest version of an established contender, which is no easy task. It’s actually an especially difficult task with the GLS because Mercedes-Benz has been making SUVs for a lot longer than BMW has and knows a thing or two more than BMW about make a luxury off-roader.

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So how does this new Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class look? Well, it looks like a Mercedes-Benz SUV, only bigger. That’s not a bad thing, as it’s a handsome car. It’s big, smooth and premium looking. Its design features are nicely rounded and it looks as expensive as it will be. Personally, I like a lot of its design more than the BMW X7. While a great car in its own right, the exterior styling of the X7 just doesn’t blow my skirt up. Still, I can understand some customers preferring the Bimmer’s sharper, more aggressive style over this GLS’s smoother, more elegant design.

On the inside, it’s very much a modern Mercedes-Benz. In the same way that the X7 sports a predictable, if a bit more luxurious, BMW interior design, the GLS-Class has a predictably Mercedes-like interior. It’s handsome and elegant enough and customers will likely love it.

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Powering the Big Benz will be a choice of the brand’s new inline-six engines, all of which will have 48-volt mild-hybrid setups. There will likely be a standard model, an AMG-lite ’43’ model and then possibly even a plug-in hybrid. The latter of which might actually use a four-cylinder but we don’t know for sure. Then, there will be the hot AMG model, which will pack a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8. This makes us wonder if BMW will ever pull the trigger on a proper BMW X7 M. All GLS models will use nine-speed automatics and have 4Matic all-wheel drive.

The BMW X7 is a very good car, one that’s far better than we anticipated it being. However, the Bavarians should be watching this GLS-Class closely because this is Mercedes territory and this first time BMW is competing in it. So the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class will have a lot to do with how successful the BMW X7 is.

34 responses to “Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class leaks ahead of official debut”

  1. Marcel Lukačić-Marca says:

    Honestly, it looks much better than the X7. They both have great-looking interiors, though. X7 is probably more high-quality and definetly more conservative, but GLS looks flashier and a bit more interesting.

    • Jt88 says:

      Yea this looks nice since it’s the AMG package, but have you seen the other leaked image the non amg package it’s not as nice looking.

  2. Theo Jinx says:

    As a loyal BMW fan for the last 20 years owning 3 BMWs (X5 4.4, Series 330XD and M6 GC), I have to say I agree. I recently replaced the 330XD with a GLC rather than an X3, pretty much down to styling. It wasn’t easy – I knew nothing about MB and had never stepped into a dealership for 20 years. It felt like treason. From a price and financing point of view they are very close. This GLS looks fantastic.

    • StartUpTheRotors says:

      Did you experience crabbing problems with your GLC? No, I’m not a hater, I was just shocked to see the videos on youtube from GLC owners having this problem.

  3. cnet-970ad33b278bd3b05502252be3640ea5 says:

    Sure this is the NEW one?!

  4. Eddie says:

    I am not a loyal fan of any manufacturer. I loved BMW for awhile but tired of basically the same interiors. MB has been showing nice variety/different types of interiors. I use to live in Scottsdale, Arizona and the BMW/MB dealerships you wait in line for anything like Disneyland. Porsche dealerships are like what BMW/MB use to be like in the past. Porsche dealerships seems more one on one, small town, exclusive feeling. They make really reliable vehicles. My wife drives a s Panamera 4S but lately both fighting over my Tesla Model X. No other vehicle is even near similar to the Model X and probably never will be because of the cost. I like how it is the Safest and Fastes SUV in the world with minimal maintenance. Waiting to see the Taycan and the BMW iX3.

  5. emulajavi says:

    Wow! Superb design off-centering the screen….

  6. kenny sauray says:

    I have a 2014 GL and I must say I love that thing, I’m usually not a fan for big SUVs like this one, but I’m so amazed how smooth this thing is and does everything right. The X7 have a big big shoe to fit and knowing how great the old GL was the new one will certainly set another benchmark.

    • juan combrinck says:

      What made the 2014 GL stand out ? How did it set the benchmark ? pretty sure the benchmark was set by range rover

  7. DM says:

    The front end looks stately and matured, no abstract or disproportionate design gimmick. Apparently Daimler doesn’t feel the need to scream “try hard”.

  8. mod9 says:

    Wow! This thing looks miles better than the X7. I love it!

    I definitely would pick this over the X7.

  9. Donald Dong says:

    Personal preference mainly. GLS is good looking, but I prefer the X7. BMW is right up there with anyone.

  10. fathornyblackandjoe says:

    Exterior-wise, I like the X7 better. It’s sharper and more sporty. This GLS exterior is nice enough, but seems a bit bland…not ugly, but doesn’t really stand out.

    Interior-wise, I think the GLS looks way better than the X7. The X7 interior is full of odd “negative” spaces…one of their interior designers say they did this intentionally (“islands of functionality”, she called it), but it looks weird to me. And crazy amount of brightwork. The GLS interior looks a lot more balanced and tasteful; it would be more relaxing to spend time in.

  11. Dailybimmer says:


  12. juan combrinck says:

    That rear end is the ugliest thing ive seen in quite a long time

  13. Pilz says:

    The rear looks like an Infiniti, MB has lost their way

  14. Bighead says:

    Everyone here talking down about the gls like you even own a foreign lol you people sound stupid. Let me pull up on your wife in that or your girl……..she Will be leaving with me. Trust me you people don’t know shit about a Mercedes

  15. Bighead says:

    Excluding myself…..Everyone in here more uglier then a infiniti suv rear on this bitch lmfao

  16. Distiller_2 says:

    GLE+. Doesn’t look bad.

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