After the launch of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe, there was a massive call for a proper M version to be made. BMW enthusiasts around the globe wanted a proper M4 Gran Coupe, with its sleek and sexy body style to go with proper M performance. Yet, one never materialized. Fret not, though, a proper BMW M4 Gran Coupe could be in the works for 2020.

According to this new report from Autocar, an actual M version of the four-door 4er will lead the M3/M4 model range as the flagship. It’s said that it will make over 500 hp from its new S58 engine, the same one used in the BMW X3/X4 M twins and the upcoming M3. Though, what’s not said is if it will make that much power in standard or Competition-guise. As the flagship M3/M4, it might only have a Competition-spec but nothing is certain at this point.

BMW M engineers also claim that the new S58 engine is “for all intents and purposes an all-new drivetrain with significant changes to the base engine that allow it to rev beyond 7000rpm and deliver a much higher specific output [than the S55 engine]”.

The big news here, though, is the existence of a potential BMW M4 Gran Coupe. We’ve reached out to our own sources inside BMW to see if we can get any nuggets of info but we’ve yet to hear anything. So there’s no way we can confirm such a car will indeed exist. However, Autocar is usually pretty accurate and typically doesn’t make claims it can back. So there’s a very good possibility we’ll be seeing an M4 Gran Coupe in the future.

Alongside the M4 Gran Coupe will obviously be the BMW M3, M4 Coupe and M4 Convertible. Sadly, no word of a BMW M3 Touring. But we’ll take the Gran Coupe without complaint.

[Source: Autocar]