BMW constantly claims that it will make and sell whatever customers will buy, in any market. According to the Bavarians, the only metric used to determine which cars are sold and where is demand. However, either BMW knows something other automakers don’t or those pesky Bavarians are lying to us. Because the BMW 5 Series is the only premium wagon in its class that isn’t coming to America.

At the moment, almost every premium executive sedan in the 5 Series’ class comes in wagon form. Mercedes-Benz E-Class? Yup, comes in wagon form here. Volvo V90? You betcha. How about the oft-forgotten Jaguar XF? Oh yes, there’s an XF Sportback on sale in America (though I don’t know for how much longer). Even the Audi A6 Avant is said to be like Prince Akeem and coming to America. That leaves the BMW 5 Series as the odd man out.

If every competitor in the segment is selling a wagon in that segment, there has to be some sort of demand. If one brand decided to chance it and sell some wagons, we could see the market not really being there. But all of them? Unless BMW has some sort of secret knowledge that the other brands don’t, there must be some sort of market for wagons. Car companies aren’t stupid. Especially brands like Jaguar that can’t really afford to chance anything.

Seeing all of these other brands selling wagons in the US, it’s frustrating that BMW won’t bring the 5 Series Touring across the Atlantic. Not only is it great looking (though, the Volvo, Jag and Audi are all better looking) but it’s much better looking and just as practical as the 6 Series GT which is sold here. It’s also probably the best overall wagon in its class, when you consider technology, driving dynamics and luxury into it all.

So despite the fact that BMW claims it will sell whatever, wherever, so long as there’s a demand, it seems as if the BMW 5 Series is the only wagon sitting on the sidelines in America.