Efforts to cut pollution need to be ramped up as soon as possible and big companies around the world have big responsibilities in this regard. Car makers are seen as main culprits in the fight against pollution and they should be at the forefront of this battle against time. BMW is doing its best and announced today that it is now the first manufacturer to join the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative.

SRTI aims at creating more sustainable logistics for all sorts of shipments, including cars. The initiative was launched back in March 2018 so it’s rather new and the announcement made today means the BMW Group is the first car maker to join the efforts. The goal of SRTI is to improve measures, transparency and awareness relating to the issue of ship recycling.

“Sustainable awareness and transparency are guiding principles for the BMW Group’s actions. We demand the same from our partners in our worldwide distribution and transport network,” emphasised Anita Pieper, responsible for Vehicle Distribution at the BMW Group. “We are delighted to be the first automobile manufacturer to become part of the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative and take a stand for more transparency in ship recycling.”

The SRTI adopts a voluntary market-driven approach to sustainable ship recycling practices. As an online platform, it promotes exchange of information on ship recycling practices and guidelines, and helps ensure greater transparency in the maritime sector. The Initiative takes the interests of all its members into account in its efforts to find joint solutions and establish a new standard for responsible ship recycling.