The upcoming BMW G80 M3 is nearly finished with the development and testing stage. We’ve already seen it out performing tests a couple of times and rumors about what kind of performance it will bring to the table have been going around for months now. While we told you that it will borrow the same S58 engine unveiled for the first time on the current X3 M and X4 M models, our insider info wasn’t confirmed by any sort of official. Until today.

The guys from Evo talked to Carsten Pries, BMW M’s head of product planning at the Geneva Motor Show and he was generous enough to confirm our insider info. Yes, the upcoming M3 will be using the S58 engine which now gives us an idea as to what kind of horsepower readings to expect. The ‘base’ versions will most likely be pushing 480 HP while the Competition alternative will be making use of 510 HP.

The new M3 is also rumored to inherit some of tech from the current M5. The F90 iteration has brought along quite a number of firsts for M cars, and they will now make their way into the M3. The steering rack is apparently going to be shared with its smaller brother, but we’re still not sure if the M xDrive system from the F90 M5 will be the one used in the G80 model.

Our sources also told us that a couple more variations could also be in the books, such as a manual, RWD model that will appeal to the purists. Expect a BMW M3 CS and a CSL version to be launched as well, but a bit further down the line. This year, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, we’ll only get to see the M3 and M3 Competition versions which will have to do for now.