Geneva 2019: Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain Concept

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The Rolls Royce Cullinan is the ultimate luxury SUV. It’s the SUV that you buy if luxury and opulence are your greatest demands, yet still …

The Rolls Royce Cullinan is the ultimate luxury SUV. It’s the SUV that you buy if luxury and opulence are your greatest demands, yet still want to be able to go virtually anywhere. However, it may be getting some competition from another British brand, though one that typically isn’t its rival. Meet the Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain Concept.

For those who don’t already know, Aston Martin is reviving the Lagonda nameplate as a sort of uber-luxury offshoot of the standard Aston Martin brand. So all uber-luxurious cars made by Aston will be badged “Lagonda”. This new concept that debuted at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show is an all-electric, autonomous SUV concept to rival cars like the Rolls Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga. Or whatever else is out by 2022. That’s when Aston says the Lagonda All-Terrain will go from Concept form to production form.

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While it’s incredibly funky and weird, I have to say, I like the Lagonda All-Terrain Concept. It’s weird but extremely sleek and futuristic looking. I love the extreme rake of the windshield (windscreen, sorry, British friends) and the way the rear doors are rear-hinged while also having little roof panels that pop upwards, making ingress/egress much more graceful for VIPs.

Okay, that rear overhang is obnoxious but it’s apparently incredibly aerodynamic. The main point is the interior. It’s vast, open and airy, designed to be a relaxing getaway from the busy world outside of the car. Especially when driving along autonomously.

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It also has some unique party tricks. For instance; it gets its own rear viewing platform, just like the Cullinan’s; its front seats swivel backward to face the rear passengers during autonomous driving; and its key floats in between the two front seats thanks to “the wonder of electromagnets”.

No word on range, battery size, electric motor-count or power. However, expect between two and four electric motors, tons of power and ample range. By 2022, I’m sure battery tech will have advanced greatly.

This concept is odd and brilliant and pretty and ugly all at the same time. I think I love it.

4 responses to “Geneva 2019: Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain Concept”

  1. jason bourne says:

    Why do all concept cars have to look so ridiculous?

    • cnet-970ad33b278bd3b05502252be3640ea5 says:

      Because since General Motor’s 1949 Motorama, they are concept cars for the future, to draw press & crowds @ car shows. How many Astons are sold every year? How many SUVs? More people will see this concept, whether or not it’s ever produced. Classic Jag XK120 began as a show car for new sedans engine, only got produced due to crowd reaction. Gullwing BMW Turbo Concept went on to become M1.

    • Giom says:

      I think he is referring more to the way they look – over the top and utterly unrealistic. I guess it’s in an effort to showcase the imagination of the designers without the constraints of production. Besides, unless you can experience the thing in person, it will never achieve its goals on a computer screen. It’s meant to be an interactive experience.

  2. mod9 says:

    Really ugly and hopeless.

    Unfortunately, for me, fans of the brand would buy that thing in a heartbeat even if it cost an arm and a leg.

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