It has become a sort of truism these days to claim the superiority of SUVs and crossovers as a fact. However, studies show people don’t necessarily buy these bigger cars just because of their size but rather because of a sum of different factors. What’s undeniable is that they are the crowd favorite right now but that perspective can change and doesn’t exactly reflect the reality according to a new survey done by MINI.

The BMW-owned company is known for its small cars and that should definitely spell doom for them considering how well SUVs are selling. Nevertheless, the people in Oxford won’t just sit by and watch as their business goes to shreds and they are trying to figure out a way to improve sales. In order to do that you first need to know what people are looking for and their most recent survey finding show an interesting perspective.

According to the survey, customization (59%) and design (76%) are both important to consumers when considering a new car purchase. This desire aligns with recent trends in product personalization across a wide range of consumer categories. Auto manufacturers have begun looking far beyond wheels and color choice to create ways for their drivers to express themselves through their cars.

While the majority of consumers agreed on the importance of personalization, those surveyed were divided on size preference in a new car today with 47 percent opting for a smaller car that maximizes space, and 53 percent prefer a larger vehicle with ample cargo room. Therefore, the difference is still rather small overall. Other key factors driving consumer car buying habits include: interior comfort, style and technology. The survey also found millennials more than other generations value technology and infotainment while men rank customization as 2X more important than their female counterparts.