Rolls-Royce announced today that a brand new dealerships is to open in Brisbane, Australia, to serve customers in the land down under. The new dealership owners plan to have a showroom ready for customers by Q2 of 2019, and this move sees the brand move from Gold Coast to Brisbane, changing the pace in Queensland, Australia. Customers will be serviced in Brisbane from now on.

With the move of dealership from Gold Coast to Brisbane, Matt Cotterill at the new Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Brisbane dealership will immediately take on the bespoke service needs of customers in Queensland, with support from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ Asia Pacific office. Customers are going to be able to access the Rolls-Royce range and design their bespoke Rolls-Royce using the latest configurator software or through an exclusive conversation with a Rolls-Royce Bespoke Designer starting with Q2.

“I would like to thank Peter Warren Automotive Pty Ltd for its guardianship of the brand in the Gold Coast over the last five years, and for our cordial and mutual agreement to divest in that location. Today, Brisbane’s robust economic development has resulted in it being a work, luxury and recreational hub for our owners. We recognize that it is Australia’s fastest growing metropolitan city and is projected to expand over the next two decades. We view Queensland as an area of potential growth for Rolls-Royce, via Brisbane as a hub, especially with its increasing air connections and a diversified economy,” said Asia Pacific Regional Director, Paul Harris.

“We are delighted to be able to represent the pinnacle brand in the super-luxury segment. With a changing product portfolio and an increasingly younger demographic, we foresee exciting times ahead for Rolls-Royce. We are committed to delivering only the highest standards of ownership services to customers in Queensland,” said Rob Thomson, Dealer Principal for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Brisbane.