Electrified cars are on the rise everywhere around the world. BMW is reporting hefty increases in demand every month for their electrified cars and one of the most popular models is the current BMW 530e plug-in hybrid. At the moment, in certain markets, it’s also the only electrified car on sale, as the 745e is still a few months away and the X5 hybrid is also not available yet. The BMW 330e is another choice but for now it has only been announced, dealers still waiting for the first models to arrive.

The BMW 330e is an interesting proposal and got a couple of raised brows when its specs were announced. Our own readers seem to ask about it every day in the comments section and understandably so, as it may be quite a good choice for those looking to pollute less around town. According to Auto Express, a Touring model is in the works as well, which will surely make European customers very happy.

BMW decided a while back not to offer the new G21 3 Series Touring in the US, leaving the F31 model to be the last ‘wagon’ 3 Series to be sold on American soil. That said, the 330e Touring is included as well, which will surely disappoint a couple of customers, but not nearly enough of them to prompt the Germans to start selling this body type again in the US. The announcement came from Stefan Horn, the BMW 3 Series product manager.

When asked whether BMW is planning on launching a Touring BMW 330e plug-in hybrid, Horn is quoted as saying:

“We will have a solution for that in the future.” He also mentioned that all electrified cars will no longer be differentiated from their ‘regular’ siblings in the future. That means no more ‘iPerformance’ badging here and there and no more i Blue accents around the car, which is a bit of an interesting turn of events, considering most customers actually found pride in showing off their ‘eco-friendly’ car to other traffic participants.