The BMW M2 is and has been getting glowing reviews ever since it came out. All sorts of epithets and metaphors are being used to describe how good it is, but it’s all while keeping it grounded and within its class. Nobody ever thought of comparing one of them against a Lamborghini, for example and we’re not about to do it either. The difference between the M2 and a car like the Huracan is just too big and yet…some kids decided to compare the two in a rather unusual showdown.

What happens in the video posted below is not necessarily watch-worthy except for two short segments, one starting at the 10:24 mark and the other at the 11:30 mark. That’s when we get to see a modified BMW M2 taking on a similarly modified Lamborghini Huracan in what looks like a tug of war. Tug of war videos were rather popular a couple of years ago, usually featuring trucks of some sort, but today we’re looking at completely different animals.

The video seems to show that the Huracan is rear-wheel drive, not the all-wheel drive version, as it is quite potent at drifting around a tree – until the driver messes up and nearly crashes – and as it lights up its rear tires during the tug of war. That said, the battle between the two would be a lot different if the Lambo was all-wheel drive. That’s because in a tug of war the most important aspect is grip/traction not power.

Get your wheels spinning and you’ll be easy to pull as you’ll basically be doing the work for the other car. In these two instances, each car claims a win and it’s mostly because the other one started tearing up its tires. Maybe a decisive run would’ve settled things but I’m guessing both drivers were more interested in not blowing their car’s transmissions to pieces.