The BMW X7 became the biggest car the Bavarian manufacturer ever made when it was unveiled just a few weeks ago. With such generous proportions, some people in the Old Continent thought that this could be a bit troublesome for the narrow roads Europeans are used to. Rightfully so, since the current X5, the X7’s little brother, is getting a bit too big for crowded European cities. Apparently, that wasn’t an issue when developing the 7-seat SUV though, as BMW officials admit it was created specifically for the US market.

As we all know, everything’s bigger on this side of the Atlantic. From the parking spaces at the mall, to the lanes on the highway, everything caters to different dimensions compared to the rest of the world. Therefore, the BMW X7 will feel right at home in the US, where it will have no issue being used on a daily basis. Speaking to AutoGuide, Ralph Mahler, the BMW U.S. product planning and strategy manager said, “This car is designed for the U.S. market and you can see that in terms of size, you can see it also in terms of seating configuration.”

“Also, what makes us really proud is, besides the size of this car, and it’s the biggest we have basically in terms of volume, it still drives like a BMW,” added Mahler. “Now, I can only tell you because you are not able to drive it… [but] you don’t feel the weight of the car, it is a true BMW as a luxury SAV (sports-activity vehicle).” While we’re patiently waiting for the X7 to reach dealerships and, eventually, driveways, we’ll have to take his word for it.

FIRST DRIVE: BMW X7 – The 7 Series Of The X Family



This is not necessarily news, as the X7 has been viewed from the get go as a rival for the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class, which has been unchallenged for years now. It’s also supposed to take on even bigger cars like the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator once it arrives, cars that already have their own following and which will be hard to beat at their own game.