As more and more of the world comes online and becomes automated the threat of cyber crime is preoccupying tech giants. BMW is declaring itself a technology company these days and therefore has to invest heavily in its cybersecurity. That doesn’t mean just the security of its on-board infotainment systems and the data they gather but also in the manufacturing process. BMW i Ventures therefore announced today a considerable investment in Claroty.

Claroty is a company specialized in cybersecurity, founded in 2014 and headquartered in New York. Their main focus is the safety of industrial and critical infrastructure environments, the company providing an integrated platform of solutions which provide deep visibility into industrial control systems (ICS), combining continuous monitoring for threats and vulnerabilities with secure remote access and consequently enabling ICS operators to protect these mission-critical networks.

“Our investment in Claroty is a clear signal that we are taking the need for industrial cybersecurity very seriously and recognize the tremendous growth potential in the sector” said Tobias Jahn, Principal at BMW i Ventures. “Claroty’s unmatched team, technical superiority, and strategic partnerships with multiple large automation vendors like Rockwell Automation, Siemens and Schneider Electric, convinced us they have the capability for rapid growth and to maintain the leadership position within this segment far into the future.”

Since BMW is one of the earliest adopters of the latest technology available and as the German company is rolling out several Industry 4.0 projects at the same time, such an investment makes sens for the present and the future. Just the other week we were telling you about BMW’s plants using 100% renewable energy in Europe while further back we told you about all the autonomous machines used in the same plants, autonomy that comes at a price.