Despite a 5 percent U.S. sales decline in October, Mercedes-Benz remains at the top of the luxury brands, extending its lead over BMW on the year. Mercedes delivered 27,537 vehicles in October, extending its lead over BMW to 3,964 units from just 319 in September. This was the best monthly showing for Mercedes since March, even though its sales were down 4.9 percent from a year ago. BMW deliveries were up only 0.2 percent for 23,262 units.

With a change of generations taking place over the next few months, the sale of the X5 SUV and 3 Series sedan plunged by 68 percent and 23 percent respectively. The Mercedes GLE, the brand’s most popular SUV this time last year, dropped 24 percent. Volume leaders for Mercedes in October included the GLC, C-class and E-class model lines. At the same time, sales for the BMW X3 more than quadrupled.

Sales by the BMW brand rose 0.2 percent, or 54 units, to 23,262 in October. Lexus sales fell 0.8 percent to 22,716. Audi sales fell 17 percent to 16,056. Acura sales climbed 7.3 percent to 13,624 vehicles. Porsche sold 4,817 vehicles in October, a 2.2 percent rise from the same time last year. Retail sales for the first 10 months climbed 3.2 percent to 47,443.

Year to date, Mercedes has sold 252,921 luxury vehicles, down 6.7 percent, compared with 248,327 for BMW, a 2 percent increase. Lexus trails both German brands with 236,340.