The first-gen BMW X4, dubbed the F26, was never the prettiest car. Sure, it was cool looking in an athletic coupe-like SUV sort of way but it was never a beautiful car. You know what doesn’t help? A holographic chrome wrap, as seen here.

Originally found on Reddit’s ATBGE (Awful Taste But Great Execution) sub, this F26 BMW X4 is seen wrapping in a sort of holographic chrome wrap and it just looks odd. Admittedly, it’s incredibly eye-catching and is sort of impressive. However, it’s just odd looking and kind of gives me a headache.

The standard color of the wrap is just chrome, which isn’t too bad but still incredibly flashy and gaudy. Yet, once the light hits it, a multitude of colors appears and it’s the brightest, most outlandish wrap I’ve ever seen. As mentioned before, the BMW X4 was never gorgeous but a stock one looks like a Ferrari 250GT California compared to this thing. It looks like a disco ball melted on an X4.

What’s also annoying is that the wrap is on sort of a regular car. While the X4 looks unique, this model seems to be a BMW X4 xDrive28i model with an M Sport package. So it’s something your neighbor’s corny dad, the one who always asks you “Workin’ hard or hardly workin’?!”, could drive. If this wrap was on an obnoxious car, like a Lamborghini Huracan, it might make a bit more sense. But not on something so normal and suburban.

That’s the cool thing about wraps, though. You can have something obnoxious put on a relatively normal car for far less money than it would be to paint it and you can always remove it if it becomes too obnoxious, bringing it back to its original color. Does that make this wrap any better? No, it still looks like a stripper pole come to life. But at least it’s not permanent.

[Source: Car Scoops]