Extreme climber and BMW Outdoor Ambassador Stefan Glowacz has completed his longest adventure to date. The expedition “Coast to Coast” was dedicated to sustainable mobility and took three months to complete, on ice, rough seas and steep rocks.

Glowacz (53) joined forces with young climbing talent Philipp Hans and photographer Thomas Ulrich to cross the eternal ice of the island of Greenland travelling by kite sled. The journey to and from Greenland was also emissions-free: Glowacz crossed the Atlantic on a sailing boat, and for the first and the final stage between Munich and the Scottish port of Mallaig the trio travelled in two purely electrically powered BMW i3.

The trip began in Munich, before crossing the Atlantic and the 3,000 meters high ice plateau of Greenland. There were, of course, stops to charge the i3 cars which were also used to carry the adventurers and their equipment free of local emissions via Holland and Belgium to Scotland, where the 14.5-meter steel yacht “Santa Maria” was ready and waiting.

In the Greenland, the adventurers’ schedule was repeatedly disrupted by temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees as well as days without wind that prevented them from using the kite to pull the sled.

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“The aim of this expedition is to inspire people to think and follow suit, as well as creating an even greater awareness of the issue of sustainability”, says Glowacz. “So the outward and homeward journey in the BMW i3 was the icing on the cake to ensure a perfect sustainability expedition.”