New BMW Cockpit Includes Driver Camera for Semi-Autonomous Driving

BMW X5, BMW Z4, News | September 28th, 2018 by 6
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When the new BMW X5, BMW 8 Series, Z4 and 3 Series will finally be delivered to owners around the world later this year, they will have the most advanced iDrive system BMW ever made on board, along with some of the most advanced driver assistance technologies they put together. Apart from the new digital instrument cluster and the seventh iteration of the iDrive system, there’s a novelty about to be launched that will actually follow your face around, to make sure you’re paying attention to the road.

Behind the steering wheel, BMW has installed a camera, in the instrument cluster which will be watching the driver’s face to check whether he or she is paying attention to the road. This optical camera will basically make sure that if you engage the features of the Extended Traffic Jam Assistant system – which is optional, part of a $1,700 package – you are still paying attention to the road ahead without you having to keep your hand on the steering wheel, as it was the case before.

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This system will therefore keep an eye on you in heavy traffic, when you don’t have to do much from behind the wheel and you may want to let the car do the driving itself. Nevertheless, since you can’t actually let the car handle everything without you paying attention, a safety precaution was needed to make sure your eyes are at least open, hence the camera. The new BMW Live Cockpit will also come with a host of other features.

You’ll be able to personalize the content displayed in front of you in the dash as well as the one displayed on the HUD. The BMW Operating System 7.0 also allows you to perform Remote Updates which means you won’t have to go to a dealer to update your infotainment system, instead being able to perform it using your phone. The BMW Connected app notifies the user when an upgrade is available. The download takes place directly in the app – for example, over home Wi-Fi. As soon as the smartphone is connected to the vehicle after download, the installation data begins transferring to the vehicle.

6 responses to “New BMW Cockpit Includes Driver Camera for Semi-Autonomous Driving”

  1. Alexander S says:

    New X5’s interior keeps and keeps grow in me. Its one of the best BMW’s interior design in years!

    • Max says:

      Indeed! It’s clean AND still very functional! Compared to Audi A7/8 etc. with touchscreen only and also very low which is not useable at all while driving. And Merc only has a big screen but no real usability with it. Buttons here and there and the software is a mess anyway.
      BMW is still very much ahead with iDrive and ID7 newest version.
      And the good thing, this interior is in Z4, 8er etc ;)

      • Pilz says:

        I don’t know why Audi went with a more attractive and less functional interior. BMW still has the best blend of form and function compared to the other Germans

  2. icwhatudidthere says:

    I noticed that in the various videos that have been popping up the past day or so. No one’s even mentioned what it was so thanks for finding out.

    Interesting that I haven’t seen it on the other interiors like the new Z4 and 850. Hopefully that option will be available on the Z4 which I’m looking at for my next car.

  3. Geralt says:

    Most beautiful interor i have ever seen, Teslas big screen is very ugly compare to this

  4. Central Lifestyle says:

    Probably the best car interior around. Not shouty, flashy, or populated with more useless screens than you can poke a finger at. Just ergonomically, smartly designed, purposeful and handsome to look at.

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