At the upcoming Paris Motor Show next week, BMW will introduce a refreshed version of the i3 electric car. The tech update will focus particularly on the battery technology and as announced in the past, a 120Ah i3 and i3s will come to market in 2019.

BMW has been quiet on the actual kWh number in the 2019 BMW i3, but thanks to a report published today by Electrive, we can say with high confidence that the new i3 will haver a battery capacity of around 42 kWh.

The article focuses on the cooperation between BPW Bergische Achsen and BMW i to power electric trucks, but in between lines, we were able to find this gem:

“Two lithium-ion high-voltage systems from the BMW i3 will be paired, bringing the total to 84 kWh,” mentions the report. “The battery management including cabling, sensors as well as heating and cooling system come from BMW.”

Since the current 94Ah i3 and i3s have a capacity of 33 kWh, it’s fair to assume that the electric trucks are using two 42 kWh batteries which leads to the assumption of the same battery capacity in the new i3.

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Therefore, we expect anywhere between 25 to 30 percent more range in the refreshed i3, but of course, we will have to wait for the WLTP and EPA exact figures.

BMW is expected to release more information on the i3 and i3s in the leading days to the Paris Motor Show.