Thinking of the BMW 7 Series, one immediately has serious businessmen popping up in the rear seats, looking thoughtful and wise. That’s how you usually see a 7er around town and that comes with a certain expectation from the occupants when it comes to how they configure it. The fact that BMW is now offering more exterior paint colors than ever for its 7 Series is definitely a good thing, but sometimes too many options can lead to unfortunate experiments.

The car we’re looking at here is dressed up in a shade I never thought I’d see on a brand new BMW. It’s called Rose Quartz and, in layman’s terms is basically pink. If that’s the perfect choice for this kind of car or not is not for me to judge, but for the owner who paid for it, and did so by the plenty since this isn’t a cheap choice. Then again, maybe this car is going to be used for promotional purposes and the company behind it prefers pink, who knows.

The bottom line is I would never choose this color for a 7 Series, let alone one powered by a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 with almost 500 HP under the hood. Then again, come to think of it, this may be a rouse to be played on other drivers on the street, who might see this as a sure victim in a drag race. It would be quite nice to see this Rose Quarts 750Li in a drag race but only after the rear badges are deleted to make it look even more like an easy target.

Luckily the same theme isn’t continued inside, as that would’ve definitely been ever harder to bare. The people from BMW Individual Manufaktur definitely could’ve made the seats and everything else inside the same color but the owner must’ve decided white would work in there anyway. I definitely would’ve skipped on the wood trims though. How about you? Is this Rose Quartz color something you’d consider for your 7er?