We recently saw some photos of the upcoming BMW 4 Series Convertible caught on the back of a car carrier. It was heavily covered in camouflage and sort of far away in the photos, so there was very little we could learn from it. Now, though, some new spy photos have surfaced, showing the 4 Series ‘Vert a bit closer. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

This new BMW 4 Series Convertible in these photos is a bit interesting looking. It seems to be a bit less sporty looking than the G20 3 Series we’ve seen in photos. Maybe that’s just because the 3ers we’ve been seeing have mostly been wearing M Sport packages. Or maybe I’m just crazy.

Current F33-gen BMW 4 Series Convertible

You can tell this 4 Series ‘Vert is still very early in its production, as it’s heavily wrapped in camo and there’s very little to see. It seems, though, to take some design inspiration from other new BMWs. Down its sides, I see a bit of the new Z4 M40i and at the rear, I see a bit of 8 Series. Admittedly, these are very early production models, likely with some fake body cladding to trick our eyes, and heavy camo. So who knows what it will actually look like. Though, a few fans might be happy to see that the exterior door handles have been built into the body crease through the door, rather than the Z4’s, which isn’t in line with its side crease. That point has driven a lot of BMW fans nuts, so the 4 Series should give them solace.

The big switch, obviously, is the new soft-top roof. The current F33 BMW 4 Series Convertible has a folding metal roof. Some fans like that better but many enthusiasts (including yours truly) feel that the soft-top is the better direction to go in. Soft-tops are lighter, less complicated and seem a bit more elegant when they’re up. There are many who feel that latter point is untrue but there’s a reason why Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin and Porsche all go for soft-tops.

We’re interested to see how this 4 Series pans out, as it’s only the second generation of the model. And, from just these very early, and possibly very inaccurate, looks, it seems to be a larger departure from the 3 Series than this current car is.

[Source: Motor1]