Right now, the upcoming G20-generation BMW 3 Series is a hot topic among BMW enthusiasts. That’s because some pre-production drive reviews have recently been released and they all indicate a triumphant return to form for the famous nameplate. To keep that excitement rolling, a new video of the upcoming G20 BMW M340i, the hottest non-M version of the next-gen 3er.

Seen here at the Nurburgring, the BMW M340i is definitely more aggressive looking than the 330i M Sport that was the subject of those aforementioned pre-pro tests. It seems to sit lower, ride on larger wheels and sport a more aggressive body kit, including new side skirts and a new lower front fascia.

You can also hear the difference between the pre-pro 330i and this BMW M340i. Whereas the 330i uses a tuned B48 engine, the M340i will use a tuned B58 engine, the latter of which being a 3.0 liter turbocharged inline-six engine. You can hear its raspy I6 exhaust on corner exit, once the tires stop screeching, and it sounds good. It’s not too obnoxious, just engine/exhaust noise.

There’s no word on official engine specs for the M340i but we expect it to make around the 350 hp mark. The new BMW Z4 M40i makes 382 hp in North America, which is by far the most powerful application of that engine. We don’t know if the M340i will make that much power but it should be around the 355 hp mark of the X3 M40i.

From what we’ve heard about the new 3 Series, and it’s new lift-related dampers, we’re expecting the G20 to be a genuinely great handling sport sedan. From what we’ve heard, the BMW 330i is a superb handling car that strikes a near-perfect balance of comfort and performance. We expect the BMW M340i to be a bit sharper, a bit harder edged but still maintain an excellent balance. At least we can hope.