The BMW Group Classic started to host a special classic car meeting called “Wheels & Weisswurscht at the company’s historic location at the Moosacher Straße 66 in Munich. Every first and third Saturday of the month, owners of an old or young timer cars and motorcycles are invited for a relaxed get together at the BMW Group Classic headquarter.

Each visitor who arrives at the gate entrance with a classic car or motorcycle, receives a voucher for a traditional, Bavarian Weisswurscht and a fresh baked pretzel. The Weisswurscht is served in the modern Café “Mo 66” with a direct view onto the driveway and parking lot. Early birds might secure one out of six parking lots in front of the gate entrance. If you arrive a bit later, chances are high to get at least a parking lot in front of the transparent workshop.

In addition to the historic cars and motorcycles of the visitors, BMW Group Classic presents four very special models out of their own collection. Thanks to their huge parking garage with classic cars, the four models are of course different on each first and third Saturday. In addition to the presented cars of BMW Group Classic, visitors have also the chance to take a look into the company’s parking garage.

The classic car meeting at the BMW Group Classic starts at 9 am in the morning. The meeting is open to every enthusiast and not limited to a special brand. Also if you arrive, like in my case, with a slightly newer BMW model, you are welcome as well and can enjoy the classic automotive spirit of the past. Especially the relaxed atmosphere in the middle of old cars and enthusiasts made it very easy to chat with owners about their classics and to have in-depth “petrol talks”.