For a couple of years now, since the famous trio left Top Gear to start a new show thanks to Amazon, the team behind the helm of the new format show included one talented young man: Rory Reid. In the first season he took more of a back seat to other bigger names but the audience gave him the credit he deserved and now he’s one of the three front men still keeping the Top Gear show alive. He’s also the guy giving us a free tour of the Rolls-Royce Goodwood plant in the video posted below.

The home of the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars company is where the richest of the rich go to buy their cars and, if you ever wondered how that process goes down, here it is. You first choose your car’s exterior color, using what they call ‘speed forms’ which are some kind of miniature models of Rolls-Royce cars, which can be combined to see how your car would look like in the colors you choose. Then you get to select the interior trims and whatever bespoke features you want added. Crocodile and Ostrich leather are not out of the menu.

Rory also takes a tour of the factory itself, where all cars are handbuilt. Considering how unique their configurations usually are, that only makes sense. It’s over there where he meets the man who draws the coach lines on every car, with his hands and takes a stab at it as well. After that it’s the monsoon test, where every car with a double-R on the hood is tested for potential leakages by replicating the conditions and rain caused by a … you guessed it, monsoon.

If all is well, the car is given the go ahead to be delivered but if there’s a leak, it’s taken back and put through the production process all over again, to fix the issue. In the end, these cars arrive in the special delivery room set up by Rolls-Royce where customers are handed the key and the car is revealed when they press a button of the fob, revealing the car in all its splendor.