Convertibles often get a bad rap, thanks to their inherent weight penalty and lack of structural rigidity. They also look a bit soft compared to their hard-topped siblings. However, they’re are a few exceptions that are just plain fun. Most famously, the Mazda MX-5 is one of the most fun cars to drive on the planet and it’s at its best with a soft-top convertible roof. Another fun drop-top car is the MINI Convertible, a car so small (by modern standards) and fun that it doesn’t really matter if it has a fixed roof or not.

In this new video review from Carbuyer, we take a look at the MINI Convertible, why it’s so fun and why it’s so popular in Britain. In fact, the MINI Convertible is the best selling convertible in Britain. And there’s good reason for that.

The car tested in this video was a MINI Convertible Cooper S, the 2.0 turbo-four, 189 hp version, and it seems like a very good little car. With its power-folding soft-top, punchy turbocharged engine and six-speed manual, there aren’t many ways to have more fun in a convertible on a tight, twisty road. This specific car was also equipped with several MINI Yours options, which are fully-customized options, many of which are specifically 3D-printed for that car. Likely intentionally, the MINI Convertible in this video had a ton of Union Jacks on it, with everything from the dash trim to the wheel center caps to the soft-top roof itself covered in Union Jack flags.

But that sort of thing adds to the fun of a MINI Convertible. Not only is it a fun little car to drive but it can be customized in such a way that it becomes a fun and unique car to look at and own. It’s no surprise that it’s the best selling convertible in Britain.