Even though the BMW 8 Series is technically the new kid on the Bavarian block, the car feels like it’s been here for quite a while. I can’t really put my finger on what makes me feel this way but that’s how it feels. The fact that the Belgian configurator for the car is already online only confirms my gut feeling and allows you to take a look at the 8 Series without the M Sport package for a change.

BMW unveiled the car in two different configurations in the stock photos. They showed a Barcelona Blue M850i xDrive model and a Sunset Orange BMW 840d. Both cars, however, were wearing the M Sport package, to emphasize on the sporty feeling the 8 Series badge is supposed to deliver. However, having seen the car in the metal, I can honestly tell you that if you tick the right boxes, you can have a true Gentleman’s car on your driveway as well.

It’s a recurring theme in the BMW line-up these days as it seem the Bavarians have stopped trying to offer jacks of all trades and instead offer cars which can be configured in completely different ways, offering completely different experiences. While you can choose between turning your 8 Series into a proper sports car or a classic, luxurious GT cruiser, on the G05 X5 you can configure your car to be a proper off-roader on the same level with Land Rover offerings or make it drive better on asphalt.

The first configurator that went online comes from Belgium. The only two models you can configure right now are the M850i xDrive, which starts at 130,000 Euros and the 840d xDrive, starting at 102,000 Euros. You can have your pick from 8 standard color choices for the exterior and plenty more combinations inside. No matter how your configuration ends up looking, you’ll still have to wait quite a while before taking delivery as the first cars will reach their owners in November.