Photo Comparison: BMW M850i vs Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe

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I actually had a hard time choosing which Mercedes-AMG product would compare with the new BMW M850i. On one hand, BMW is calling it a proper sports car, so that would make it a Mercedes-AMG GT competitor. On the other hand, the M850i is a 2+2 coupe that’s also a grand touring car, which would make it more of a competitor to the Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe. Finally, I settled on the latter, as they’re going to be around the same price, same size and they’re both sporty GT cars at the end of the day, while the AMG GT is nothing of the sort, as it’s a pure-blooded, two-seater sports car.

Now before anyone gets fussy, we don’t know which of these cars will be better to drive/faster/more fun. The BMW M850i isn’t out yet and we haven’t even driven the prototype, so we have nothing to go by. We’re only comparing design, looks and interior. So don’t think we’re saying one is going to be better than the other. Now, which one looks better?

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This might be one of the hardest comparisons I’ve done. Personally, I adore the styling of both cars, so it’s tricky. Plus, they’re so different in style, that’s it really is difficult to choose. Still, I decided to roll my sleeves up and give it a go.

From the front, it’s a close call. Both have really handsome mugs. But if I had to choose just one, I’d go with the BMW M850i. It’s just a bit more exciting, while the AMG is a touch blander and its headlights are a bit too fussy. The 8er’s grilles are a bit large but they look good and its headlights are gorgeous. Plus, the 8er’s hood is a bit more heavily sculpted, making it seem more aggressive and sportier. So it’s a narrow victory at the front for the Bimmer.

Photo Jun 15 5 25 19 PM 830x830

In profile, it gets even more difficult to choose. I’ve always been a big fan of the S-Class Coupe’s design. There’s just something about it that looks so good, as if it’s an arrow being pulled back in a crossbow and ready to fire. I don’t know why I feel that way but I do. Though, the new 8 Series is gorgeous in its silhouette. The AMG S63 looks a bit classier and more like a traditional GT car while the BMW M850i looks sportier, more muscular and more athletic. So this is a wash.

It gets easier to choose at the rear, though. While I do love the S63 Coupe’s overall design, its rump is its weakest link. There’s something about all Mercedes-Benz products’ design language that makes them seem as if they’re melting at the rear. It’s less egregious on coupes but still present. While the BMW M850i is stunning from the rear. It has some of the best looking taillights in the business and its muscular rear haunches just look so damn good from the rear. So it wins that.

On the inside, it gets tough again. The BMW M850i, with its waterfall center stack, console-mounted gear lever and simplistic design, looks sportier and more thrilling. While the AMG S63, with its column-mounted shift lever, merged screens and circular air vents, looks a bit classier and more luxurious. In terms of sheer presence, the AMG wins it but in terms of which makes me wanna get in and drive, the BMW wins. So it’s tough to call. Though, I’m going to go with BMW here again, for a couple of reasons. The first is that the dual merged screens on the AMG looks a bit cheap, as if Mercedes just glued a massive tablet to the dash, and column-mounted shift levers belong in old Buicks, not fire-breathing AMG products.

So the BMW M850i gets the win but its margin of victory isn’t large. The Mercedes-AMG S63 is a gorgeous car and one that I would love to daily drive. But the BMW M850i is just more thrilling, more exotic and makes me want to get in and drive more. So it wins.

54 responses to “Photo Comparison: BMW M850i vs Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe”

  1. Dailybimmer says:

    It is wrong comparing 8 series with S class coupe, because Bmw himself has stated many times before that the 8 Series was developed together with M8 on the race track for the streets. The main rival for the 8 series together with 8 series Gran Coupe (coming soon) will be who ????

  2. PK says:

    Mercedes Benz = Real Madrid

    BMW = FC Barcelona

  3. Arunabh says:

    Merc S class for me. It’s far more classier. It’s body form is more natural and coherent. BMW is full of cuts, skashes and scoops all over which doesn’t look premium and appealing at all.

    The fact that the commentator handed slimmest of the victories to BMW when compared to half a decade old Merc design is less of a testament to Merc’ design work but more to the fact how shoddy BMW’S design effort is.

    • PK says:

      for now. i’m glad for the revival of the 8 series. the question is how good will the new s class sedan and the coupe will be in couple more years?

    • disqus_NdrthOMZ62 says:

      “far more classier”=for old farts & their mistresses.
      Old farts & their wives own S Class sedans.
      Oh, and beauty is STILL in the eye of the beholder.

  4. Jt88 says:

    I wish bmw would stop using that steering wheel on all of there cars the mercs steering wheel looks so much better

  5. JD says:

    Really don’t understand this fascination with Merc interiors. White leather dash, those 4 round vents, that silly stuck on screen (speedo), the swoopy dash design, it’s really not that nice or classy and looks dated already.. As for outside there is no comparison. Merc has droopy front end and is bland in profile – it really doesn’t do it for me (granted rear 3/4 view does look good).. BMW much more muscular and luxurious in my opinion.

    • Alexander S says:

      Design is for old men, for sure. But aluminum buttons…Where are they in BMW???

    • joshua says:

      I totally understand, I feel like the interior is in two separate pieces that have been glued together. I saw a comment of someone saying the S-Class interior reminds them of boats and portholes, and the more I look at it the more I see it, and I’ve always found it very unappealing and those two terrible looking screens make things much worse, they look cheap and aren’t very integrated well.

    • Senne says:

      EXACTLY! I don’t get it either.

  6. Alexander S says:

    Of course BMW. Sportier look outside. But inside…I’ll deal with plastic buttons on console, but on steering wheel…It’s most important thing you touch in your car. And that car is over 100k!!

  7. Tumelo Malumane says:

    I’ll choose the 8er any day, but I admit, Merc’s interior is just stunning.

  8. jitorres4 says:

    isn’t this supposed to be part of the “bayerische motoren werke” lineup? how do you distinguish this from, say, the new x5, which is not part of that lineup?

    • Arunabh says:

      Its all very clumsy here. Understanding BMW marketing is getting trickier than understanding string theory.

    • Senne says:

      Anything 7 Series and above is Bayerische Motoren Werke. So 7 Series, X7 and 8 Series. Not X5.

      • jitorres4 says:

        isn’t this my point?

        • Senne says:

          Oh, right. I apoligize. I misread and thought you were saying the X5 is also part of the lineup.

          That said, I’m also a bit confused about it as they never mentioned it and they didn’t even show us a Luxury version. Only M Sport..

  9. Sangyoon Kim says:

    New Mercedes SL when it comes out- it does replace the S-class coupe after all. and size-wise it should be similar

  10. Ermal Morina says:

    Calling the 8series interior better than the S class one is pure comedy.C’mon man,the Bmw interior looks so incredibly generic,so Japanese,and so look-alike with other low end BMW’s,it is an actual insult to the Mercedes on this one.While I would not argue with the exterior decisions you took,I think you went a bit to far on “fanboy” mode with the interior.
    Personally,I think that the S coupe has the best interior of any car on sale today,and that the 8 series interior doesn’t even come close to Merc’s one,like literally.

    • Getaclue says:

      Did you get the memo that Merc uses that same interior along their lines and “low end vehicles”. Maybe not.

    • disqus_NdrthOMZ62 says:

      Mercedes’ dash looks like a video arcade I played in as a teen.

    • Senne says:

      It’s a matter of preference I guess. I flat-out dislike the interior of the S Class. It’s not driver focused at all, not focused and just looks weird to me. I’ve always loved BMW interiors and the more exclusive and luxurious they get while still maintaining that BMW’nes, sportiness and classic look, the more I absolutely love them. Especially the X5 and now 8 Series. Absolutely gorgeous interiors. And it’s a well-known fact that BMW interiors actually use nicer materials than Mercedes. Especially in places where it matters.

      • Ermal Morina says:

        I’ll tell you what.
        At the end,it comes all to personal preferences,tho we must admit,as aprox. 90% of community does,that the S class coupe,and the S class in general,has and always had the edge when it comes to interior design.

        • Senne says:

          In the past, perhaps. Although I would take any BMW interior over any Mercedes interior. However, lately the BMW interiors have gotten so utterly gorgeous that it’s not just a matter of preference anymore, because BMW overall uses nicer materials throughout the cabin and they’re more ergonomic (always have been).

          • Ermal Morina says:

            I don’t know how they became so “utterly gorgeous”,when a 2018 bmw model has interior design clues from a 2000′ Bmw… I don’t know if your joking around or you went all guns blazing “bmw fanboy mode”,but for me personally,nowadays bmw has some of the most disappointing interiors on the market.They’re so uninspiring,and nothing to brag about design wise.
            The materials might be nice,but that is never a formula for a good overall interior.Never

          • Senne says:

            So what if it has design clues from older BMW’s? If you compare the brand new 8 Series interior with the old 8 Series it’s incredible how similar they are. That’s part of what makes it so beautiful. It’s similar, but at the same time totally different. No, I’m not in “fanboy mode”. This is just my opinion and one of the reasons why I love BMW as a brand. I must stand corrected though: it IS a matter of preference and in the end it’s only different opinions. Fact is, that for most people they had to step up their game, and I must agree that they indeed had to change up some things. Although I always liked how they kept things like dials classic, there’s a point where you must move on. Now they have. And they excel at it.

      • Central Lifestyle says:

        Got to agree. I know many ladies who really like Mercedes interior and guys, like me and you, who prefer BMW’s interior. New updates to BMW interiors are good steps in the right direction and will get even better. Still iffy with “that” steering wheel in 8 series as we’ve already seen it last year in X3 and 5 series so it’s a bit too familiar and it’s a trickled down product so looks strange and out of place in BMW’s brand new luxurious flagship car. ‘Could’ve tweaked the steering wheel, it has too much of the same rubber/plastic buttons (metals/galvanic glass would make it visually luxurious). Could have also been made a bit smaller and chunkier to emphasise sportier dynamic and maybe even optioned with alcantara. I don’t know, it just looks too familiar. I think the steering on 7 series is different to all other lower series. Even the steering wheel of S63 in the photo looks different to standard AMG ones. That’s the only gripe otherwise this new 8 series is 9.9 out of ten.

        • Senne says:

          Okay then, I can totally see your point. Yes, they should’ve given it an updated steering wheel design or somehow should’ve differentiated it more. But really, it’s not like it’s an ugly steering wheel. And everything else about the interior is sublime. :) I agree on the 9.9/10 :D

    • Icebreakerr says:

      merc has chinese tablets doesnt look good at all

    • Icebreakerr says:

      you just sound like a butthurt merc fanboy LMAO

  11. disqus_NdrthOMZ62 says:

    Bavarian shark>anonymous bar of soap.

  12. Icebreakerr says:

    To Nico compare the 8series with the s500 coupe as it is an M850i.. when the M8 comes then compare it with s63..

  13. jason bourne says:

    That white interior in the AMG is laughable. Pity the poor fool who has to clean that interior day in, day out.

    And can they make the three-pointed star any bigger in the grille??? What an eyesore.

    • nhanphan1990 says:

      I personally like white interior. My ivory white interior has been holding up just fine with leather master barrier and cleaning once a month.

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