BMW has some of the most commonly memorized chassis and engine numbers among car enthusiasts. Ask almost any true car enthusiast what an E46 M3 is and they’ll likely know. BMW numbers are far more commonly known than say, Toyota numbers. So, as true-blue BMW enthusiasts, you should be more knowledgeable than most, right? Well, you can find out with Car Throttle’s new BMW numbers quiz.

In this quiz, you’ll be tested on your knowledge of BMW chassis and engine codes and will have to pair body styles with each. It’s actually a bit harder than I originally assumed it would be. I thought I would breeze right on through it. Without the use of the interwebs to cheat, though, I was only able to manage a paltry 5/10. In my defense, there was one that I clicked the wrong answer. Although, my intended answer was also wrong… Though, I had a very “duh” reaction to almost all of my wrong answers. The only one that I really was stumped on was the last one. I won’t spoil it though.

Phoenix Yellow BMW E46 M3 - CCW Classic Wheels Wallpaper

I thought I had done horribly until I read the comments section of the page, where many enthusiasts got much lower scores than I. Still, you’d imagine someone who loves BMWs should know more of the top of his head. Though, it’s hard to memorize absolutely every single chassis, engine, horsepower, torque and spec of every BMW, all of which are floating around in the mess inside my brain somewhere.

While it’s only ten questions long, it’s still surprisingly fun. If you’re a genuine BMW enthusiast, it should be a fun minute or so of distraction while you’re at the office, pretending to work. Once you’re done, make sure to comment on Car Throttle with your score and then shoot on back here and post your score again.

[Source: Car Throttle]