The new BMW X5 is set to arrive in dealerships later this year and to ensure that customers order their cars configured to their exact specification, the first online configurators have surfaced this week, for the moment only in Europe. The first countries to get online configurators at the moment are Belgium and Luxembourg, the two small countries probably being a popular destination for the new Sports Activity Vehicle.

Unfortunately, the languages used on the two configurators might be a bit prohibiting for those already seeking to set up their unique combinations but, if you ever used a BMW online configurator before, you might get the job done anyway. In both countries, as well as the rest of the EU, there are three engine choices available to begin with: one petrol-powered xDrive40i model and two diesel ones, the xDrive30d and M50d model.

Without a doubt, the most appealing model will be the BMW X5 M50d which comes with the new quad-turbo 3-liter straight six engine introduced for the first time on the BMW 750d and BMW 750Ld models. That’s not only because of its 400 HP but also because it will come with the most standard equipment of the three. Prices for it start at just over 90,000 Euros in Luxembourg and 93,000 Euros in Belgium.

There are plenty of possible combinations and even the color palette has been updated for the new models. You can get the X5 in Phytonic Blue as a novelty or the usual shades of black, grey and white as well as the colors available through the Individual catalogue, for a price, of course. The new X5 also comes with a choice of new wheels. On M Performance models the standard wheels are the 21″ Style 741 Bicolor rims which do look great. You are also offered three more choices in 22″ guise, all of them also Bicolor.