BMW Z4 Patent Images have been leaked

BMW Z4 | June 11th, 2018 by 19
next gen bmw z4 design registration 5 830x553

A new design registration listing – discovered by Autoweek in the Netherlands – reveals some of the fine details of the upcoming BMW Z4 Roadster. …

A new design registration listing – discovered by Autoweek in the Netherlands – reveals some of the fine details of the upcoming BMW Z4 Roadster. Just like in the Concept version, the G29 Z4 features the wide kidney grille with a star mesh in the center, along with the stacked headlights which are quite unique to the BMW lineup.

The Z4 images embedded here showcased once again the soft-top roof, rather than the current car’s folding metal top. Soft tops not only look more elegant but they’re significantly lighter and less complicated.

next gen bmw z4 design registration 830x467


The lower bumper design stands out with a series of styling cues, from the large air intakes to the horizontal bar connecting the two upper corners of the bumper. On the side, one could easily notice the large air vents which help with brake and engine cooling. In the back,  we can see the typical L-shaped taillights, along with a subtle trunk spoiler.

next gen bmw z4 design registration 2 830x467

At market launch, the US market will offer two models, the four-cylinder 2.0 liter-powered sDrive30i and the M Performance Automobile model – M40i.

Both models will go on sale in Spring 2019 as a 2020 Model Year. Sales of the four-cylinder 30i will start in March 2019 and will be priced in the low $50,000 range, while the G29 Z4 M40i will arrive in April and it’s expected to sale for a base price in the mid-to-high $60,000.

The high-end Z4 makes use of a 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine similar to the one used in the other BMW M40i models, but with different outputs in North America versus Europe. Since the stringent European emission laws now require a particulate filter, the power on the Z4 M40i was neutered to around 335 horsepower.

Luckily, in the US, the Z4 M40i will maintain its power potency and will offer the customers a whooping 382 horsepower. Both versions produce the same 369 lb-ft of torque.

Fans of manually shifting gears are out of luck when it comes to the new Z4, so the two-seat roadster will use the well-known ZF 8-speed automatic transmission. While a manual gearbox is out of the picture, the electronically controlled limited-slip differential is standard which will make the drive more dynamic and intriguing.

[Source:  Motor1 | Autoweek]

19 responses to “BMW Z4 Patent Images have been leaked”

  1. Alexander S says:

    Mixed feelings…front isn’t typical for BMW at all. Maybe it’s okay…

  2. Kommodore says:

    That….really doesn’t look good. :(

  3. emulajavi says:

    Hood line breaks the front view!

    In the 8 series and all new G series cars they have been able to place it where it should be, but here….nothing!

  4. Giom says:

    Relax! The cars on sale will have shiny metallic paint an cool finishes. And good looking wheels…

  5. Dailybimmer says:

    I am very disappointed, I must say. Bmw concept cars like Z4 and 8 series concept look always better and sharper than their final production cars. Why?

    • Horatiu B. says:

      That’s just the deal with concept cars

      • Hinu says:

        To stirr up attention and create hype. Why does it have to be like that and why aren’t people expressing distaste for it? What’s the point of concepts of production cars when they’re knowingly made a lot cooler than the production model will look like. It’s not hard to change strategy to show near production car concept. Like certain other manufacturers do (Porsche, Tesla…). Make a good-looking car and you won’t need a fantasy version every time… It’s as if they don’t even believe in their own design.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          I guess every company has their own design strategy. And sometimes elements from a concept car end up down the road in other models.

          • Hinu says:

            Dumbed down elements, often not nearly similar enough. It’s all a bunch of fantasy designs meant to capture imagination – not represent real products. I think the fantasy concept strategy is a stupid one, even if it creates hype and followers for the company.

  6. danielzain says:

    The reviewers of the prototype (e.g. Sutcliffe) who have seen an example with no camo like how it looks in the metal. Of course it looks no where near as aggressive as the concept car, but based on what the reviewers have said, I think it will look okay in person.

    As for the hoodline, sure I’d love to have seen it join the kidneys, but the previous two generations of Z4’s hoodline were above the kidneys too. If we look at the old 8 series, same thing.

  7. Roland Renno says:

    This is the ugliest car so far from BMW. The E89 Z4 is 100x prettier and classy than this. Even the E85 is way better… total disappointment!

  8. seancorr says:

    Rear looks okay but the front….especially the headlight design…dear Gawd whatever happened to it?

  9. Arunabh says:

    While these patent images don’t reveal details about forms, creases & lines much, there is distinct lack of wow factor in this car. As has been the case with BMW for last decade or so, their concepts rarely carry the beauty to production.

    The front looks more of a Fiat 124 Spider with Kidney grille (Very surprising to see that twin pod lighting set up is just not visible here). Rear is pretty neat. The sides are a bit shocking to me. The overhangs are huge at both ends. Generally, BMW gets the proportions spot on. Is it a side effect of platform sharing?

    Even in person this would only be a decent looking vehicle and nothing exceptional. And considering that this might well be the last Z4 ever or will have a lifespan of atleast 8-10 years, this is a missed opportunity. BMW, as it has been the case with BMW for last 10 – 15 years, has churned another mundane looking thing.

    Someone really needs to take design helm seriously at BMW. Adrian Van Hooydonk has only kept things chugging along at best without actually taking things forward. It saddens me to think that BMW hasn’t churned any design classic after last gen 6 series.

  10. Hyh says:

    The Concept Z4 looked amazing, too good for the price range. But this looks like a used Toyota you’d only find in Asia. Ugliest car from BMW?

  11. Cheslyn Owen says:

    I’m sure this is not what the new Z will look like. The car will have these lines but it wont look like these images. Wheelbase is too short, the car looks too tall. Almost like a Miata in certain ways. The wheels will certainly not have hubcaps attached to them. This leaked images looks almost cartoonishly funny. Definitely not what the new Z will look like. We all just need to relax and wait for the real thing.

  12. Mavricks16 says:

    Don’t like the headlights at all, but I’m going to wait until we get to see the actual car before I make an real judgements.

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