While we spoke of European Delivery on numerous occasions, this time, the complete experience is documented in a detailed video by a famous YouTuber – Shmee150. The highly spirited Brit landed in Germany to pick a BMW F90 M5 that the German car maker slated to be given over to Shmee who will test drive it for the next several months. The video shows us Shmee arriving at

the BMW Welt, admiring all the current and future BMW models in one place, soaking up the positive energy of the place and then finally, getting his hands on an F90 M5 in a European Delivery customer experience – just like everybody else.

For those unfamiliar with the whole process, this video gives you a real-world showcase of what the experience actually looks like. The whole experience is as memorable as it gets since BMW really went the extra mile to provide the utmost perfect user experience and give their customers a personalized treatment. The BMW F90 M5 that Shmee picks up comes in a striking Donnington Gray exterior finish, complete with almost every tick off the box that is BMW’s optional equipment list.

We’re confident that some amazing Alpine footage and a great insight into the F90 M5 will come from Shmee in the forthcoming weeks. Meanwhile, grab a batch of popcorn, put the video below on a big screen, press play and enjoy.