The 88th edition of the Geneva Motor Show is currently in full swing for press representatives and while BMW is attracting huge crowds around its M8 Gran Coupe Concept, there are cars at other stands that are equally as interesting for the average BMW fan. One of them is the Toyota Supra which was unveiled today but, unfortunately, in Gazoo Racing guise. Just like the 8 Series and its M8 GTE counterpart, it seems like in the case of the Supra, Toyota is taking a similar approach.

Therefore, before we get to see the new sports Coupe from the Japanese manufacturer, we’ll get to enjoy the GR version first which isn’t a bad place to start. But this model bares a special importance for BMW fans as the German brand and its Japanese partner decided to develop two cars together, with the Supra and the upcoming Z4 sharing all the underpinnings and being separated solely by their shells.

Speaking of differences, the two will be available only in one body type with the Supra being the Coupe and the Z4 accounting for the Roadster needs. Under the hood of the two will hide the same BMW-sourced engines according to various sources, going from 2-liter 4-cylinder petrol mills to high-performance 3-liter straight six ones. On the BMW front, the Z4 is said to spawn an M Performance model in M40i guise and it may come with two different engines, rated at around 380 HP or closer to 340 HP, depending on the market they are being sold on.

The Z4 will be unveiled later this year at the Pebble Beach but there’s no mention of a timeline for the Supra. The one we’re looking at here is the racing version, albeit in Concept guise. It comes with the aero bits needed to perform on the track, racing brakes, racing suspension and, of course, with a stripped out interior. Therefore we can’t rely on these photos to get a glimpse of how the production Supra will look like inside the cabin but from the outside, things are looking great.

Via: BimmerToday