The collaboration between BMW and Toyota might’ve come as a surprise when it was announced but years have passed since and we’re bound to see some results soon. Two of the cars that will soon hit the market as a result of this joint venture are the upcoming BMW Z4 and the revived Toyota Supra. So far we’ve seen the two out testing on the famous Nurburgring but this time things are a bit different as they have apparently been caught doing laps the same day.

The two cars are rumored to be set up to deliver a great experience behind the wheel, being the athletes we’re all hoping for. The Z4 unfortunately will only be available in roadster guise while the Supra will be sold only in Coupe guise, as expected. At the same time, another pesky rumor is claiming that the Z4 will only be available with an automatic gearbox which would be disappointing for a number of BMW fans.

At the same time, the automatic gearbox of choice will be important. The old BMW Z4 was available with both the 8-speed ZF gearbox and the 7-speed DCT alas the latter was only sold on the sDrive35is model which was the top of the line, fastest, most powerful version. No matter the choice though, the Z4 is shaping up to be quite the performer, especially in M40i guise. Our sources claim the top of the range M Performance automobile will have 360 HP and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque at its disposal.

On the other hand, people preferring a Coupe will most likely be going for a Toyota Supra, which is rumored to use the same underpinnings to a certain extent. So far, rumors about the two will have to be confirmed but it looks like the Supra will be using a couple of BMW engines while the chassis will be set up quite differently as well. Nevertheless, it looks like there will still be a straight six engine under the hood of the emblematic model and that’s great news.