BMW’s latest, greatest and fastest Safety Car – the M5 – went to Palm Springs, California for a show-and-tell on the track at Thermal Club. The super sporty, customized M5 was used by BMW in offering some hot laps to the journalists present at the event.

Compared to the production vehicle, the BMW M5 Safety Car has been upgraded and has, among other things, a significant increase in performance. Although BMW has so far averted a concrete power specification for the safety car, it is however a comprehensive overhaul of the engine.

The potential of the titanium sports exhaust system, which is traditionally particularly high-powered in the MotoGP environment, has also been fully exploited. The four tailpipe trims made of carbon ensure that the exhaust system is visually different from the regular M5 series.

Much of the installed carbon-fiber parts come from the tuning program of BMW M Performance and is also available for the production vehicle, but elements such as the front splitter or the hood closures are reserved for the safety car. Bucket seats from the M4 GTS, the light bar on the roof and the blue LED front flashers are also not available for the street legal BMW M5 F90.

According to Car and Driver, the regular M5 is the fastest sedan they ever tested and it wasn’t far off from some really fast supercars. In the 0-60 mph test they recorded a run of just 2.8 seconds while the trap speed in the 1/4 mile run was reportedly 129 mph at 10.9 seconds.

So one can only imagine that the handling and standard spring of the M5 Safety Car is a step up from your road legal M5.