Due to a truck accident, where no other vehicles were involved, a traffic stop occurred on the E4 road in Sweden. The location is important to mention since the E4 leads to Arjeplog where BMW has their winter testing facility.

According to local reports, the truck was transporting many BMW test cars. The driver was not injured during the accident, but the traffic was stopped for hours in the direction of north, says the Swedish Transport Administration. The reports also says that due to its great value ​​in salvage, the rescue efforts will be done very carefully and might take a long time.

The BMW test center in Arjeplog in northern Sweden is near the Arctic Circle and also acts as a base for BMW Snow and Ice Trainings. On large frozen lakes where prototype vehicles are put to the test, ideal conditions prevail for practicing vehicle control at the stability limits – even at higher speeds.

The footage below shows a mix of BMW prototypes and production-ready vehicles which were likely part of the Winter Driving School in Arjeplog.

[Source: SVT.se]