BMW M has been getting a bit of criticism lately for losing some of its brand prestige. The fact that M Performance models and M Sport packages slap “M” badges on everything, it can sometimes seem as if BMW is diluting the M brand. That can frustrate BMW M customers who want to feel a bit more exclusive than the average customer who’s leasing a BMW 320i. So to help with that, BMW is opening some more M-specific dealerships to create more of an exclusive experience for M customers.

This specific dealership (shown in photos) is Performance Munich Autos and is located in Singapore. It’s sole intention is to sell and service BMW M and M Performance vehicles.

“The new showroom reflects the dynamic character of the BMW M brand and fulfills the wish of many customers for an exclusive retail experience,” said Paul de Courtois, Managing Director of BMW Group Asia.

Create a unique BMW M dealership should make customers happier, as it will give them a more unique experience than every other BMW customer. The idea that only BMW M cars are sold and serviced there make it feel more exclusive, even if M Division cars are not actually very exclusive, considering you can buy one from any of the seemingly millions of standard BMW dealers.

BWM wants to start creating more of these M-dedicated dealerships, as it will help increase brand prestige while also making some its most profitable customers happier. Plus, it’s just cool. If I were in the market for any BMW M car, I’d absolutely go to one of these more M-specific dealerships, rather than buy my car at a regular BMW dealer, like some sort of peasant. Then I can feel even more superior as I cut everyone off on the road without a blinker, as I know I bought my car from an M-only dealer.

[Source: Carscoops]