In case you’ve ever wondered just how expensive and luxurious the houses of Rolls-Royce owners are, then today we have a bit more insight into that luxury life. What definitely is one of the most expensive chairs in the world, was released this week at the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London dealership, the people from DavidHugh Ltd bringing their latest creation, the Elysium-R, in front of a live audience.

Priced at £38,000 (around $51,500 at today’s exchange rates), you can hardly say there’s going to be people clamoring on the streets in front of the Rolls-Royce dealership, to get a chance at buying one. However, the company representatives do claim the chair is unlike anything else on the market today. If you want to see ‘the world’s most technologically advanced chair’ in all its glory alongside the all-new Phantom, you can very well do so just by strolling in Mayfair as the two are visible through the glass window.

According to the company, Elysium neutralizes gravity, implements flotation theory and takes comfort to a whole new level by re-calibrating the senses. The Elysium-R is the ultimate version of the widely celebrated chair, taken to a new level of elegance. It incorporates brand new armrests that sweep back to offer more support. They are machine-cut out of pure aluminum billet and anodized black. The armrests are sculpted using 3D CAD/CAM to follow the contours of both the arms and motion of the chair.

The engineers at DavidHugh have developed a new technique to fill the armrest with a grade of gel that mimics the quality of human skin. This ‘second skin’ is covered with the same grade of leather as the body of the chair, giving an unbelievable look and feel. The Elysium-R is presented in a stunning near-black pure aniline leather from Swedish cattle together with a black chrome base and almond gold frame – giving it a darker, more luxurious appearance.

If all that still didn’t convince you to buy this chair instead of, let’s say a BMW M240i, the fact that only 18 of them will be made might tip the scale.