At the tippy top of the 7 Series range lies the BMW M760Li xDrive, the most powerful, most luxurious and most expensive version of the 7er. While some fans might have hoped for a proper BMW M7, the M760Li is the closest thing we’re going to get to such a car. That’s okay, though, as the M760Li is a pretty incredible car and one that we like a lot. But what is it like to drive a V12-powered luxury missile? Carwow shows us in this new POV video review.

We start off by checking out the incredibly red interior of the M760Li, which seems to be a popular choice among press cars as of late. It looks really good, though, and makes the BMW M760Li seem a lot more exciting than the standard 7 Series. What’s even more exciting though is what happens when you press the go-pedal.

Under the hood of the BMW M760Li lies a 6.6 liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine that makes 600 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. If you don’t already know, that’s a lot. All of that power is sent to all four wheels, allowing it enough grip for its horses to properly gallop. So it’s capable of 0-60 mph in just under four seconds. All while being cosseted in gorgeous leather and supreme luxury.

Off the line, when using launch control, the BMW M760Li is surprisingly quick. It launches quickly but smoothly, getting to 100 mph quicker than a car of its size should be. Though, it seems effortless and quiet, like the cabin of a private jet during takeoff.

Though, straight-line speed really is it’s main party trick. Try and toss it through some corners and you’re met with a hefty amount of understeer, as it’s just too heavy to be a proper handling car. However, it does have a surprising amount of grip and once it clings on, it’s flipping fast.

It also has a ton of tech, including remote parking and a schmancy display key. So it’s equal parts limo and cruise missile. It might not be a BMW M7 but it’s pretty damn close.