The upcoming BMW M5 was revealed a while back and select journalists around the world already got to experience it in Portugal earlier this month. While we’re preparing our own review of the uber-sedan, the Germans are apparently still testing and ironing out some kinks, before the first customers will be able to take delivery of their rides. A prototype was spotted on the Ring a while back, showing us exactly why BMW claims its new all-wheel drive system will please even the most demanding fans.

Even before BMW took the veils off the new M5, the company said loud and clear that even though it will offer all-wheel drive on the new M car, it won’t be a traditional system. In this regard, a video of Timo Glock testing it was published and it looked like the DTM driver was thoroughly enjoying it and carefully assessing the different driving modes. As you may very well know, the new M5 comes with a couple of settings for the transmission, allowing you to sent all the power to the rear wheels alone if you so please.

It’s something new and a lot of people will be curious to see how it manifests itself and yet, if we’re to go on what previous videos have already shown, there’s no reason to think you won’t be able to use the new M5 as a tire shredder anymore. In the footage below, whoever is behind the wheel is definitely having a lot of fun, drifting right in front of the camera, knowing all eyes are on him. It’s a beautifully executed drift too, with just the right amount of opposite lock.

Now, as the M5 gets closer to its launch, we can’t wait to see it go up against what seems like the ultimate bruiser in its segment, the AMG E63 S. With more power and torque, the Affalterbach machine seems poised to steal BMW’s thunder but in the end, drag races aren’t the only thing that matters when one looks for such a powerful mid-size sedan. Some of us want more action on the track and that’s where the M model will most likely win.