While not as good as Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a funny show that features the dry wit and hilariously awkward situations that exist inside creator Larry David’s head. The show is now in its ninth season, having taken a bit of a break butr is now back on HBO. During its original seasons, Larry David, the creator and main character, drove a Toyota Prius, as does everyone in Hollywood. Now, though, in this new season, Larry has swapped his Prius for a more interesting BMW i3. We think it’s pretttty prettty good.

Of course, everyone in California seemingly drives some sort of hybrid or electric vehicle. But the California-darling is obviously the Tesla Model S. It seems as if there are shrines to Tesla in California. So it’s shocking that they have Larry driving a BMW i3, a direct Tesla rival, in the show. It’s likely due to the fact that Larry has been spotted driving an i3 in real life and the show is a satirical version of Larry’s own life.

It also just fits that he’d drive an i3 because it’s funky, quirky and weird, just like Larry David. He doesn’t really look like the sort of guy that’d drive a trendy Model S. Larry is the sort of guy that goes in the opposite direction of trends. So the i3 actually makes a bit of sense.

Ironically enough, there is a Tesla Model S in one of the first episodes this season. What’s funny is that it’s Ted Danson’s car and he lets Larry drive it. While driving it, Larry gets a ticket for beeping at a cop that didn’t notice the light had turned green. According to the cop, the Model S had an “aggressive horn”. So he should have been in the i3 and he would have been fine.