Back in the ’60s and ’70s, if you wanted a fast American car, such as a Camaro or Mustang, you could get it equipped with only performance features and forego any luxury options that you didn’t want to spend money on. Today, that business model is non-existent, as everything is packaged together or exclusive to certain trims. So if you want a bigger, more powerful engine, you have to opt for a more expensive variant that ends up costing a fortune more. However, BMW is offering just a glimmer of the old days in Australia with its BMW M3 and M4 Pure Editions.

Essentially, the BMW M3 and M4 Pure Editions are stripped-down Competition Package cars, with all of the performance goodies that come with them yet none of the frivolities. So they comes with the same 444 hp 3.0 liter twin-turbo I6 engine, revised suspension, steering and differential tuning and the cool interior bits, such as the awesome seats and M-striped seatbelts. However, they lack the expensive, yet gorgeous, 20″ wheels (which are optional), Adaptive LED headlights, Harman & Kardon speakers and full leather seats. So it’s just the performance bits necessary for fun. The best part — they’re cheaper.

According to CarAdvice, these BMW M3 and M4 Pure Editions are the ones to get. Thanks to being cheaper than even the standard M3 and M4, yet coming with the performance goodies of the more expensive Competition Package cars, the Pure Editions are the best bang-for-buck iterations. How can one argue with a BMW M3 or M4 that’s cheaper yet faster and better? It’s actually not possible.

While the BMW M3 and M4 Pure lack some of the few luxury options that the standard cars come with, they’re options that aren’t necessary for the M3/M4 experience. If anything, losing them might make the experience that much better. The simpler and, dare I say purer, the experience is, the better the M3 and M4 are. So these Pure Editions are not only the better values of their respective model lineup, but they’re probably even better cars to drive.

[Source: Car Advice]