BMW tried to answer some of the calls for a sportier i3 variant, recently, when it debuted the BMW i3S. The i3S is a slightly sportier, slightly faster variant of the newly refreshed BMW i3. It gets a few more ponies, stiffer suspension and a wider wheeltrack. So it should be a bit more fun to drive. However, it wasn’t quite enough for a lot of fans. BMW enthusiasts still see a lot of untapped potential in the i3’s chassis and capabilities. Fans are still wondering if something like a BMW i3 M would ever be a possibility. Top Speed recently entertained the idea with this new render.

Now, we’ve heard for a long time that BMW’s i Division and M Division will remain separate and will not be working together directly on a new model. Some expertise might be shared in the future, such as BMW M borrowing some i Division tech on a hybrid M car, but BMW claims the two divisions will not work jointly on a car. So an i3 M likely won’t happen. However, it’s fun to speculate and see what such a car could be like.

In this render, the BMW i3 M gets lowered, subtle fender flares, larger wheels, large front air intakes and M mirrors, among other things. Is it weird that I kind of like it? The front end looks aggressive, with the massive intakes.The aerodynamic side mirrors from other M cars also work well with the i3’s funky styling. Also, the BMW i3 has always had large wheels, to accommodate the oddly tall and thin tire, so the big wheels here look good.


You might think that the front air intakes are useless, considering that the i3 is electric. However, in Top Speed’s render, they’re speculating that it received a hybrid powertrain from the BMW i8. A detuned variant of that powertrain could give a potential BMW i3 M somewhere around 220 – 230 hp, much like the MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid. That would be anywhere between 36 and 46 hp more than the i3s. That would go a long way to making the i3 a lot more fun.

The idea of an aggressive BMW i3 M is kind of hilarious and we do wish it was made. Imagine a fast and fun electric hot hatch with the oddball looks of the BMW i3? That would be a hilariously good time to drive. The standard BMW i3 is fun to drive, with its sharp handling and funny electric car whine. Imagine one with, say, 230 hp?

[Source: Top Speed]