2017 Frankfurt Auto Show: BMW i8 Memphis Style Edition

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One of the most polarizing cars at the BMW stand in Frankfurt is the old, yet new BMW i8 designed by Garage Italia. The BMW …

One of the most polarizing cars at the BMW stand in Frankfurt is the old, yet new BMW i8 designed by Garage Italia. The BMW i8 Memphis Style Edition was unveiled earlier this year as a tribute to the Memphis Style of the 1980s, which was founded and lived by artists in Milan.

The new interpretations of the year 2017 were not designed by Michele de Lucchi, but by the creative minds of Garage Italia Customs working under Lapo Elkann. The style is clearly provocative and was inspired by movements like Art Deco and its surprising geometrical shapes, Pop Art with its bright colours and Kitsch as a way to detach from the minimalist design of the 70s.

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Oblique, horizontal and vertical lines along with hypnotic patterns and vibrant colors are the main characteristics of the new liveries created by Garage Italia Customs. What catches the eye is that every single element is perfectly aligned and the geometrical shapes flawlessly follow the curves of the bodywork. There are as many as eight layers of color on the body which proves the complexity of the entire process.

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Inside the cabin, the different materials chosen for the upholstery (technical fabric, Alcantara® and Foglizzo leather) are in strong contrasting chromatic matches. Bright colors, from orange to purple, green and yellow are the main features along with the tailored graphic patterns.

Here is a photo gallery of the BMW i8 Memphis Style Edition:

6 responses to “2017 Frankfurt Auto Show: BMW i8 Memphis Style Edition”

  1. M98987 says:

    Someone at BMW should be fired.
    If you’re going to put out this eye-sore, you’d also want at least a REAL CAR GUY to get a chance and do something current hot rode mod-ders are doing.

    Cause, how many artists are going to buy that thing???
    Do you want to sell this car?
    The M series doesn’t get this Disrespect.

  2. Rob says:

    Just stop…

  3. Eddy says:

    More like Memphis No-Style Edition

  4. Dan Cowan says:

    Art cars began in the ’60’s, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Telegraph estimates Warhol M1 most valuable car in the world. We’ll never know because BMW Art Cars will never go to auction.

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