Russians are known for pushing the envelope in everything while they also prefer to capture their adventures for the world to see. In some cases, they prefer driving with cameras on board to showcase the hectic way people tend to treat Mother Russia’s roads and we can totally understand that judging by what we’ve seen posted on Youtube. However, the video we’re showing you today, involving a probably totaled BMW X5, does feel peculiarly out of place.

In it we get to see what looks like a BMW X5 M being towed out of a ravine by a Land Rover Range Rover Sport. The whole thing starts off with some epic music in the background which makes us think it was taken out of a longer video probably put together for entertainment purposes. Furthermore, there are a lot of people holding cameras all around the two cars, somehow giving off the vibe that this is indeed probably part of a car show of sorts.

My guess is that the two SUVs were pitted against each other in a sort of crazy comparison off road. Since the Range Rover pulling the BMW seems to be an SVR model, that’s quite possibly what happened. However, the X5 must’ve got stuck at the bottom of the ramp and the Range must’ve pulled it to the top or at least that’s what the premise is. What doesn’t make sense though is why would the cars stop just shy of reaching the top of the climb and why would the driver of the X5 get out just to check the situation and laugh at it, when they could’ve just gotten the job done.

To me, these seem like dead giveaways that this whole thing was staged. Furthermore, who uses a small strap like the one we get to see in the video to pull a 2.5-ton SUV up a steep hill anyway? And is it a coincidence that there was a camera man at the base of the hill, just happening to have his camera ready to shoot the car tumbling down? Or maybe it is a coincidence that there also happened to be a camera installed and rolling inside the BMW. All of this doesn’t really make sense if one’s to claim that this was all an accident. But then again, who knows, maybe it was and we’re just not thinking like Russians do. That could also be the case, what’s your take on it?