BMW has the cleanest diesels, still not clean enough

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2017 BMW 530d Touring 45 750x500

According to the ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (Loosely translated to General German Automobile Club)), all European automakers have NOx (nitrogen oxides) levels that exceed emission regulations. …

According to the ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (Loosely translated to General German Automobile Club)), all European automakers have NOx (nitrogen oxides) levels that exceed emission regulations. According to Euro-6 emissions regulations, diesel engines are not allowed to emit more than 80 mg/km of NOx. All European automakers exceed this number. However, BMW is the cleanest of all automakers.

In this report by the ADAC, BMW apparently emits 141 mg/km of NOx. That’s still almost double what the regulations ask for but it’s the lowest of all European automakers. The worst was Renault Group cars, with 684 mg/km, which is extraordinarily high. The next worst was FIAT Chrysler (FIAT, Jeep and Alfa Romeo) with 561 mb/km. Then Ford, (488 mg/km), Hyundai/KIA (421), Volvo (364) and the PSA Group (Peugeot , Citroen, (263)).

The three best companies were Mercedes-Benz (149 mgkm), Volkswagen, ironically enough (146) and BMW. Still, though, despite these companies being far, far better than any other company, they aren’t good enough. “The test shows that almost all manufacturers have a massive emission problem with their diesel vehicles.” said Thomas Burkhardt, Deputy Technology President for the ADAC.

2017 BMW 530d Touring 09 750x500

So it seems that all automakers have a long way to go to clean up their emissions acts. BMW does a good job of beating out its competition on NOx emissions, but it’s not good enough. What’s ironic is that Volkswagen is the second best, considering the massive diesel emissions scandal the German Giant recently faced. But this does show that BMW works hard at keeping its emissions down and fuel economy up. So when BMW calls its engines “Efficient Dynamics“, it isn’t kidding.

These tests by the ADAC were performed to simulate real-world conditions, rather than just testing them on a machine, in a lab. So these NOx emissions readings are happening under normal driving circumstances. Hopefully BMW, and all of the other automakers, can get this cleared up soon.


23 responses to “BMW has the cleanest diesels, still not clean enough”

  1. Eddie says:

    ICE is maxing out. Electric grid becomes cleaner everyday. 6 million people die/Year directly related to air pollution from vehicles. Electrification is the future!

    • Max says:

      Come on are u really that blind?
      There are so many studies showing that the whole supply chain and production of an e-car (or its batteries) is so much dirtier than clean Diesel-ICE cars are doing on roads.
      And the so hated German Diesel cars are by far the best on the market – its ridicolous that everyone is blaming them. They reduced those emissions to half in about 10 years or so..The 2020 limits, from politicians without any technical know-how, are just stupid!
      And please dont forget ur new president, who wants to cut off all the limits because US car makers arent capable of doing it ;)

      • Eddie says:

        You are spreading Fake news started by the Koch brother, Big Oil! Use your Eyes and read the internet which is hard at times to tell truth from Fake. EV’s are way cleaner. The grid is cleaner everyday with wind, solar, geothermal, etc. vs the maxed out ICE cars. The batteries are made at the Gigafactory in Reno using geothermal, wind, and solar. All the superchargers are switching over to solar stations. Every time you burn a tank of gas that is not recyclable. Even if on EV filled up with the dirtiest coal plant, an ICE car would have to average 100 mpg to have the same efficiency as a EV’s. Most Ice average around 24 mpg. Once the EV battery is not efficient for the car, it can be used in your house for backup generator for at least 10 years. Then phase 3 kicks i

        • Eddie says:

          In where the battery is recycled at the Gigafactory to be used again! So 3 phases of the EV life. There are Tesla’s with 250,000 miles and the batteries can still hold a 93% charge. The powertrain and batteries are designed for a million miles. You will see Tesla driving around with a million miles. Tesla’s are modular do repairs are plug and play. Most recalls/repairs/updates are done by wifi. 80% of Tesla’s repairs can be done without a lift since under the car is primarily the battery which can be charged in 90 seconds. Ice motors have 2000 parts with 24% efficiency vs EV’s 80% efficiency. Only 3 moving marts in the EV motor plus no transmission.

          • Eddie says:

            Do not believe the Koch brothers with all their Big Oil money. USA oil is subsidized 60 billion a year vs alternative energy with just millions in subsidies. Musk said let’s make the playing field the same and have alternative and oil subsidize the same. Yes, EV’s subsidize just like big oil!

          • Chris Donoghue says:

            Unfortunately, unless ICE cars do something soon, they are doomed, science or not. It’s the trend, and trends are hard to avoid, regardless of unintentional consequences.

          • Chris Donoghue says:

            Having owned two MB’s (E class and a GL) and four 5-series BMW’s, I love them. But can’t understand why one of them doesn’t crush Telsa with a Tesla clone.

          • Scott Campbell says:

            Everyone has an EV in the pipeline but Tesla will be ahead for awhile especially with 500,000 possible orders Model 3 which is a great value gas or EV. The Model 3 is aimed at the 3 series and M3. Also, Tesla way ahead on its PRIVATE superchargers that charge almost 3 times faster than public D.C. Fast chargers. The car manufacturers need to make some universal adapters and not leave it for governments to work it out. GM wants the US government to put in its chargers. You know how long that will take.(GM not serious about EV, compliance car) So in the mean time, Leaf, Bolt, and BMW i3 will wait in line at 1-2 stall public charging stations sparsely scattered around.

          • Chris Donoghue says:

            My Biz partner has a 90D. I think it is great, but it needs to be $70-$75k. I just leased a new 540i after shopping for a Tesla. However, 100% sure in 2020 there will be a Tesla in my driveway.

    • Terry Cowan says:

      Maybe. Why is diesel for commercial use ignored, huge volume? Tesla propose an EV semi, but range seems a fraction of existing. Also, our grid regularly has blackouts, without adding millions of vehicles (which the general public still aren’t willing to purchase). Future’s not here yet, nor the problems that it will bring. ICE have been evolving for a century – not done yet?

    • Me says:

      So you’re on of those naive people that believe everything Elon “twits”? You do realize the guy is a business man and not an engineer or scientist, right? He does’t understand the basics of physics and engineering. I know this from senior engineers that work for SpaceX and Tesla. It’s the same story.. everyone says he’s an idiot that just gets lucky sometimes. Any numbers or “facts” he spews is just smoke blowing out his ass to promote his products.

      There is a myriad of studies from various countries and sources to support EVs are in general dirtier than ICE. In particular, the LG Chem study is irrefutable as being unbiased against EVs because they have more to gain from a positive study than a negative study. They’re complete well-to-grave analysis indicated EVs are up to 40% more dirty to produce than EVs. The conclusion was EVs can be potentially greener by up to 30% when considered through the “average” vehicle life. And that is the red flag. I have the full study and they avoid mentioning how many years the “average” vehicle life is. In America, the average vehicle ownership is 11-12 years… but that is not the life of the vehicle. It’s probably much longer.
      What this tells me is that the results of their study were worse than they had hoped and they’re avoiding revealing actual numbers. As battery supplier for just about every auto manufacturer except BMW and Tesla it would be in their best interest to make an EV vs ICE study look good for EVs.

      And by the way, I drive a PHEV. Before that I drove the most efficient and greenest EV to produce in the world. I wanted the smallest battery with the most range to keep my impact low. That’s also one reason I have a PHEV. An even smaller battery suits 99% of my daily needs and my vehicle choice imparts as little impact to the environment as possible from its EV components. My next car will also be a PHEV or an EV so you can’t say I’m being biased against EVs. Even FCEVs have large potential to be incredibly green, especially once they nail down the solar cells that can run at the voltage for electrolysis to directly occur without additional hardware. They’re close. That’ll bump up hydrogen production efficiency up significantly.

      • Eddie says:

        Use the internet and remember the Kock brothers have billions for Fake news. They just care about today’s world not tomorrow’s dirty air. Oil is a cheap, finite commodity that will run out. Mother nature has oil buried deep for a reason. 5 million people die worldwide from air pollution from cars. Remember the internet is still the Wild, Wild West and you can find studies on both sides of the fence whether true or Fake. There is true knowledge on the Internet, but you can not receive it primarily from Facebook!

        • Eddie says:

          As a trauma Physician MD with a brother that is a chemical engineer we have interesting, Intelligent discussions. I have had a great journey in life from owning planes, exotic cars, motorcycles, and even invited to BMW in Spartanburg South Carolina, for launches of new vehicles I purchased and racing with the BMW M course. Even BMW sees the future and electrification is a must especially with Euro 7 around the corner. China that buys 30 million cars/years is dictating the future of cars with electric motors. Europe is not far behind. In the USA, it is the repeat of the 1970’s and the Big 3 will be caught with their pants down !

          • Eddie says:

            Truthfully, I very rarely respond to these forums. I make a statement to make a statement. You can agree or not. Trying to change someone’s views is a slow process, somewhat like marriage! Lol! I have a Model X and having owned, Lambo, Maserati’s, Aston martin’s, Porsches,etc., I love my Model X. I am a tech guy and the Model X is Bleeding edge tech and as a tech guy, I embrace change ! Plus, it is so nice to have a full tank of electrons when you awake in the morning at the convenience of your home. 95% of EV owners use home charging. Of course, I have solar panels to charge my car. In heavy traffic nice to have the Biofilter, 100 times better the regular hepta car filters to keep those tailpipe emmisions out of my families car! There is a reason the tailpipe is in the back of the car but in stop and go traffic it is bad!

          • Terry Cowan says:

            Our grid has blackouts during weather extremes, people die. We’re going to add millions of charging vehicles?!

  2. Alexander S says:

    More than that I think that BMW is the first company to think of environment (future) more than others!

    • Art3ga says:

      Don’t kid yourself, they think about making more money and if seeming to care for the environment gets them more of your hard earned $, then that is what they are gonna do. That is not to say that I don’t like the trend.

      • Alexander S says:

        No doubt that’s true. But only making profit leads to nowhere. It all shoul be together.

      • Terry Cowan says:

        How many sustainability awards have BMW won? Their new 3er Mexican plant is green.

      • Me says:

        You’ve never been to Germany have you? German culture is all about being green.

        BMW is in fact the cleanest automaker in the world. Period.

        Not only that, BMW is consistently ranked in the top 25 for greenest companies in the world. Only a few times have they dropped below and that’s only by a bit to maybe 26th or 27th spot.

        Guess which automaker is the worst? Tesla. Out of the 500 largest global companies they’re ranked at the bottom, even being beat out by all major oil companies. How ironic is that? The annual study by Newsweek includes everything in infrastructure from generated waste, energy usage, environmental programs, etc. The thought that Tesla and Elon are purely green companies and not profit oriented is pure BS and part of their marketing strategy. And it works. Naive people eat out of their hand and gobble up every little PR stunt he “twits.” They make a product that has the potential to be green in operation, but they themselves are not green nor is the production of their product.

        They’re capitalizing on the trend.

  3. Distiller says:

    No automobile is environmentally friendly, no matter where the energy conversion takes place. A donkey and a cart are environmentally friendly. EVs are a social answer to a technical problem – they solve exactly nothing. Tesla has hired some lawfirms and PR-firms and bought the services of some opinion-multipliers and run a campaign against the German automotive industry utilizing similar pseudo-religious mechanism as Mr. Jobs did when he had Apple promoted.

    “Eddie”, I hope you’re getting paid a few bucks for each of your posts; otherwise get out a bit more.

  4. Senne says:

    This is ridiculous. New regulations all the time, and they expect the car makers to somehow, magically find a way to decrease their NOx emissions enormously. Come on.

    And it’s very clear that the biggest car brands, with the most resources (money) available have the cleanest engines: BMW (which is still the N°1 Premium Brand in the world and has been for over 10 years), Mercedes (which is N°2 Premium Brand – disputably N°1 since the sales have grown) and VW/VAG (which is best selling of all brands).

    Renault, which has been building crappy cars, apparently also has the filthiest engines, most likely due to limited resources.

    I’m more surprised that Volvo scored so bad tbh and happy that PSA didn’t do as bad as all the other brands.

    I think there’s really not much more they can do with diesel engines to make them even more efficient. Especially since BMW has been working on that for many years now (and it clearly paid of, just not enough).

    Let’s all drive petrol?

    • pablo says:

      yeah you mean the renault-nissan-samsung company? which 1.5 diesel engine is the most produced in the world? the one used on mercedes A class? yeah that crappy company lol

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