The new BMW M5 is just weeks away from being unveiled in full, fans of the brand and the Motorsport division being close to paroxysm as days go by. While the car is most likely to be a proper beast on the track, on public roads people need to drive it carefully and abide the speed limits. The problem with that is that you need a lot of willpower to stay away from the gas pedal of this 600 HP monster.

That’s probably why not everyone gets to be a test driver for BMW. While you do get to squeeze every bit of power out of that 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 on the track, keeping control of it by gently tapping the gas pedal on public roads is a matter of willpower after all. That said, the BMW F90 M5 was just spotted out testing near the Nurburgring, driven on public roads, probably on its way to punish some more tires.

Unlike other videos we’ve seen of the prototype being driven around in the past, this time there’s no mean growl in the picture and no tire squeal. This time, the car is being driven around in a civilized fashion, making sure everyone on the road is safe. Unfortunately for us, that also means that the engine and the sound it makes is sedated and we can’t enjoy it in this footage. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that the new M5 will follow the M recipe and can be quite comfortable when you need it to be.

That said, the new M car from BMW will come with all-wheel drive which will come in handy during winter time and when launching the car. Other than that, drivers get to choose if they want it active when driving the car and in which situations as it can be turned off, transforming the F90 M5 into a RWD model.