During a press event last week, BMW introduced the latest updates to its award-winning BMW Connected services and apps.  In the space of just 12 months, BMW Connected – complete with its increasingly advanced in-car integration and range of new services – was launched in 29 markets and by June 2017, the number of BMW Connected users worldwide had already passed the one million mark.

The video below offers a glimpse as to what BMW’s iDrive, apps and Connected+ systems can offer as a whole package. Send my Routes to Car is a great way to use your smartphone to find your way to your next destination. It sends the coordinates to your car and, if you don’t have enough fuel to get there, the computer will calculate the best route that also has a gas station on the way.

Then there’s Share Live Trip Status, a way of sending your ETA to your contacts, with the simple touch of a button. The driver can send a link via SMS to the people selected via Share Live Trip Status at the start of the journey or if there are delays en route.

Navigate Door-to-Door is another new feature designed to guide users on the final leg of their journey (Last Mile) and back to their car when they are ready (First Mile). Once the car is parked, the driver will receive a message on the car’s display confirming that their smartphone is now ready to provide directions to continue on foot.

Simon Owen, BMW Connected Marketing Manager went on camera for us to demonstrate some of these new features.