BMWBLOG and a selected group of U.S. and international journalists had the unique opportunity to be invited at the official unveil of the all-new BMW X3. Hosted by BMW CEO Harald Krueger at, what he calls BMW’s second home, Spartanburg plant, the new X3 reinforced BMW’s commitment to produce high-quality SUVs and create more U.S. jobs in the process. Even though the day was packed with events back-to-back, we managed to squeeze in some decent time with the new X3, including some social media coverage (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and live footage.

One of those videos can be seen below giving us a closer look at the new X3, its design, proportions and the exhaust sound of the X3 M40i. From a personal stand point, the new X3 is exactly what I thought it would be – an evolution of an already successful car. If you expected a revolutionary design, then you haven’t been paying attention to BMW lately. The design team works within certain constraints and within a language, and considering that, they have done a great job with the new X3. The oversized grille looks great in person, imposing, not overly done and the rear end, it’s simply beautiful. The best part on the car! I do miss the Hofmeister Kink, but I understand the need of a D pillar in order to achieve that great low roofline.

The interior, again, it’s what you’d expect, considering the latest BMW cars. But if you liked the F25 interior, you will love the G01 cabin. Considering who the demographic is – people looking for utility, safety and premium, and lots of female customers – the X3 will be a hit.

Could have been better designed? Who knows, we’re not BMW designers nor any industrial designers, so hard to say. Don’t forget BMW works within a set of rules, on mainstream cars, so that makes their job even harder. I, personally, was never an X3-type of customer, but give me the new X3 in M40i or X3 M guise, I will likely be onboard. The G01 X3 ticks all the boxes when it comes to a premium SUV – beautiful design, tech-packed features and driving assistance system, premium materials, utility and interior space, and great performance across all models.

Let’s take a look.