The best photo gallery of the BMW Concept 8 Series at Villa d’Este

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BMW Concept 8 Series Villa deste 2017 60 830x553

At the launch of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017, BMW introduced to the world the new Concept 8 Series, the successor of the iconic …

At the launch of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017, BMW introduced to the world the new Concept 8 Series, the successor of the iconic two-door sportscar and the precursor of the upcoming product series car. The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is regarded as being the world’s most exclusive and traditional beauty contests for historic automobiles and motorcycles. Once again this year, the vehicle pageant staged jointly by the BMW Group and the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este lived up to this reputation.

BMW Concept 8 Series Villa deste 2017 58 830x552

The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is also a unique event of its kind that presents modern concept vehicles and prototypes alongside rare historic treasures. BMW had both the 8 Series Concept on the lawn, as well as the new BMW Motorrad Concept Link.

The new BMW Concept 8 Series previews the production car which will launch in 2018, first in a coupe shape, followed by a convertible and potentially a Gran Coupe as well.

BMW Concept 8 Series Villa deste 2017 39 830x554

Typically design concepts presented at motor shows and event such as the Concorso at Villa d’Este are based on actual prototypes of the car in the pipeline. They serve to test public reaction, allowing the design to be tweaked if necessary prior to launch and helping to set pricing and sales expectations. And this new concept is already being praised and admired by BMW fans from around the world.

BMW uses the 8 Series as a vision of a sports car combining uncompromising dynamic performance with modern luxury. The study continues the successful tradition of large coupes from BMW and interprets classic design attributes in a new language of form.

The new 8 Series will arrive to market next year in coupe form, followed by a convertible and Gran Coupe.

Please click below for an extensive photo gallery with close-up shots:

15 responses to “The best photo gallery of the BMW Concept 8 Series at Villa d’Este”

  1. Senne says:

    So is the Gran Coupe a fact? I certainly hope so… It will be gorgeous!

  2. Ofentse Letsholo says:

    This car is freaking amazing I bet the next Bond film will have the production in it.

  3. Hinu says:

    Neat. Make that electric. A real competitor to Model S. They’d pull that off easily.

    • Senne says:

      No, it needs to have a big V12! It’s a GT, needs to compete with Mercedes S Class, not Tesla. It will probably have a hybrid in the lineup as well though.

      • Hinu says:

        F*ck big V12s. It’ll be a turbo fest with an annoying automatic gear box. Either make it naturally aspirated with a proper manual transmission, or just don’t. We don’t need the compliance performance engines… They’re dull and boring and not like they used to be. Just let them die already.

        Hybrid is crap. Worst of both worlds. Lesser space utilization than even ICEVs, higher weight than ICEVs, higher price, less efficiency… Not interesting in a high-end car like this.

        • Senne says:

          Turbo fest with an “annoying” automatic?? Seriously that “annoying” automatic is one of THE best out there. They’re simply magnificent. And that V12 engine is a piece of art. The sound it produces, the way it goes trough the revs… Pure art.

          Yes, they’re not like they used to be, but that doesn’t mean they’re no good. The M550i is one of the best 5 Series of all time, the M760Li xDrive is just as magnificent.

          People don’t want manual gearboxes in their luxurious cruisers anymore. The automatics nowadays are so good, it’s almost no point anymore. Especially with the pedals etc. that make the experience even more alike.

          I partially agree that hybrids aren’t the best long-term solution. However, it’s not bad for now.

          I personally don’t really like electric vehicles… They’re so far from the driving experience that we used to get with the older vehicles or even modern patrol cars. The sound they produce is awful and it’s weird to not feel any gear changes or to see the rev counter etc. But I guess that will just require some getting used to.

          I can see your point though.

          • Hinu says:

            It’ll be annoying no matter how many clutches it has, no matter how quick it is. As long as it’s there trying to guess what gear you want it’ll be an annoyance. You also have to think about how to communicate to the computer so that it know that you’re doing something different. Give me a stick and I’ll do it properly. I’ll match RPMs like many automatics seem to don’t care about, the driver is out of sync with what the transmission is doing anyway so it’s a lost cause.

            The sound, yes. I can agree with that. It’s porn for your ears.

            Well, you also have the steering which isn’t what it used to be. Heavier cars too now. And thick airbag pillars.

            Yeah, I know… :/ Because people… People man… Ruin everything… :/

            Hybrids can be alright… But in a high-end luxury sports vehicle? It clearly won’t be electric, but it should. It makes sense. It would actually be an improvement, they just aren’t interested in the investment, cost of development and risk of alienating their current following.

            The only downside to an electric powertrain is the lack of engine roar, no manual gearing and clutching. Everything else is far superior. The whine also sounds pretty good in a performance BEV, imo.

            I will take no gears any day as long as I don’t have to live with an automatic transmission. It’s the worst. Full manual w/ clutch – or nothing! That’s me, though.

            It’s not perfect, never will be.

          • Senne says:

            I feel you man, I’m also more for a manual. But certain modern cars imo don’t fit a manual anymore because they simply became too big, too heavy and too luxurious… E.g. can you imagine anyone except maybe a BMW Enthusiast driving around in a manual 7 Series? No, because it would be wrong. Have you ever driven the newest 8 Speed ZF’s in a BMW? They’re magnificent! They actually make the car faster and more economical and yet you can shift yourself if you think the computer still doesn’t always do what you want. I’m just saying it’s really not that bad. I, too, prefer say a manual E39 above any 5 Series after that. But the G30 is a really great car as well…

            And yes I agree they don’t really care about the environment. Only about image etc. Still, I’m glad we still have big (turbocharged) inline 6’s, V8’s and even V12’s in our modern-day BMW’s.

          • Hinu says:

            Well, I’m driving a 13 – 26 tonne vehicle at work (depending on load) with manual. It’s in many ways more enjoyable to drive than the automatics. Only difference being, I’m at work and I’m not driving the thing for pleasure – but to pay my bills.

            I don’t see a problem with offering a manual in a 7 Series, no matter the size. But I do understand that it’s more about luxury and that I can’t expect the general public to use stick when driving it. It’s just one of those things a car enthusiast gotta live with, I guess…

            I’m the kind of person that enjoys heel n’ toe and don’t find it satisfying to just press a paddle. :/

            I’m happy that going electric has become associated with performance, though. Too bad they continue to make cars that can’t even do 100 in under 10 seconds… It’s actually something that makes the traffic flow a lot less. They get out on the road and struggle to accelerate up to the speed limit and you’re forced to brake down to 40… Same with people getting out of roundabouts. You don’t have to use full throttle, but e.g. in a BMW i3 or any Tesla you react a lot quicker and you get out of the roundabout efficiently by pressing the pedal half way in.

            Anyway, I’m going by Jay Leno’s sentiment of going electric so that I can enjoy engine roars and shifting in the weekends, track days etc.

            What do you think about a full fledge electric BMW? Electric 5 Series? Should be one hell of a handling car. You can get a feel for it in the i3, but that’s kind of a ecobox in terms of BMW. Not a bad car in any way, though, (I own one).

  4. John says:

    Maseratti says “Ciao!”

  5. John says:

    Can’t wait for the real, uglier version to be released. These concepts are always so much fun! Show us something we can’t buy, then show us the crappier version we’ll see on the road. Good job, BMW.

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