BMW M has a long history of having great color options for its cars. Over the years, there’s been such iconic colors as Laguna Seca Blue, Dakar Yellow and Imola Red. These colors are all far more desirable among fans of BMW M than, say, Schwartz Black Metallic. If you see an E46 M3 in Laguna Seca Blue for sale, it will be worth far more than a black or silver one. However, BMW isn’t the only brand with great, iconic colors. So, sometimes, BMW M owners want a color from another brand’s stable of shades. To get these colors, you can either have the car wrapped in them, but that rarely looks as good, or you can get a BMW Individual paint color and really get whatever you want.

Admittedly, if you want your M3 or M4 painted with an Individual color that you choose, it will cost you. But it can be worth it to have your M car stand out from the rest of them on the road. Especially if yours is painted with another brand’s color. So, if you were to choose another brand’s color for your BMW M car, which would it be?

BMW M3 Competition Package in Ferrari Rosso Corsa

We’ve seen quite a few over the years. For example, we’ve seen BMW M cars painted in Ferrari’s Rosso Corsa red, which looks awesome. That one is a bit more understandable, as having a Ferrari color on a BMW M3 that costs about a fifth of the Ferrari is pretty cool. However, some fans go a bit more blasphemous by getting cool colors from competing brands. For instance, we’ve seen some BMW M cars painted in Audi’s famous Nardo Grey. We’ve also seen Ferrari’s Grigio Medio. So there’s quite a lot of fans who want another brand’s color on their car.

Personally, if I were to buy a new M car with an Individual paint color, I’d probably go with one of two options. I really like Audi’s Nardo Grey myself. It’s just the right amount of flash and subtly to me and looks really on on the BMW M3, especially. If I were to go for another color, it’d be McLaren’s simply named “McLaren Orange“. There’s something really exotic and really sharp about the color that I like a lot. Especially if I were getting some carbon fiber M Performance bits added to it, as the contrast between the bright orange and carbon fiber has always been a color combination I’ve liked.

So which non-BMW color would you choose for your Individual paint?