Building upon the new exterior design of the G30 5 Series, the first all-wheel drive M5 will offer a unique combination of M design cues paired with the luxury and classiness of a business sedan. Later this year, BMW will finally unveil the highly-awaited performance sedan and today, we have some exclusive details to share with you.

Design wise, the F90 M5 is very close to the rendering seen below; the only significant difference is the lack of air breathers on the side. The carbon roof has the same design as the one found on the M6 Coupe. In the back, there is the twin exhaust tailpipes along with a small lip on the boot.

Rendering F90 M5

There is also a sporty rear diffuser, as well as new five-spoke wheels design in 20 inches painted in Jet Black with silver accents. BMW will also launch a new color for the F90 M5 – Marina Bay Blue. A new style M mirror is also present on the M5, larger than the ones found on the M3/M4.

Now onto the powertrain. The driver will have an option of three different driving settings – all-wheel drive, all-wheel drive sport and a 100% rear-wheel drive setup. All can be switched with a touch of a button. As we already confirmed, the 7-speed DCT is being replaced by an eight-speed automatic transmission – with a P button and larger in size than the current transmission – and speed shifting paddles.

The steering wheel gets the typical M1/M2 button, in red aluminum, fixed separately on the steering wheel, similar to the Formula 1 steering design.

The V8 4.4 liter TwinTurbo engine will produce slightly over 600 horsepower and will go from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.6 seconds.

BMW will unveil the new F90 M5 towards the end of this year, followed by a market launch in early 2018.